Everything I wrote in my last three posts is absolutely true. YET....yes, yet ,I say

  'Go ahead girl,marry the soldier who stole your heart!'

Army is a different world all together,especially if you come from a non-army or shall we dare say 'civilian' background.. It has its own share of sweet and sour moments. Therefore, it is helpful to know what it is like so as to not have the wrong notions or expectations. This fairy tale may have many twists and turns but it can be your happily ever after!

What is different in this fairy tale?

-The knight in shining armour (replace the word with combats) is indeed a prince charming! No one can make you feel like a princess the way an officer can.

-You shall not be the damsel in distress but the forever strong woman beside your soldier.

-You shall worry and fret while he is away but have a huge sense of pride of the service he does. Be proud ,you have every reason to be.

-Unlike what they portray in movies,army officers are AMAZING fathers! Caring beyond measure, loving beyond reason...lenient much to your irritation, you can't expect more!

-He may not be with you on the special occasions you want him to be but he will surely make up for it...even years after marriage.

-No one knows how to enjoy and live life king size the way these men in uniform do.

-You will get ample chances to dress up.The party never ends!

-You move to various cities,make new friends,see the world and have a broader perspective of life than many.

-You may find it monotonous that every cantonment looks the same but gradually you realise that this monotony is comforting. Eventually,the moment you see greenery,especially olive tones,you feel at home.

-Balancing your career,your home and your kids can be taxing with the social commitments in army but if you know your priorities and clearly put them across,the balance is possible. I am a full time doctor,a mom and an army wife! If I can do it,you can do it too,maybe even better than me.

-Some people WILL try to make your life miserable but as long as you stand your ground and your man understands you,they can only try.