Drop of water trickling down,
from mourning eyes to thirsty lips.
Washing the pale cheek it comes,
and down on barren earth it drips.

Drop of water trickling down,
from eager eyes to smiling lips.
Caressing a rosy cheek it comes,
and down on a loving hand it drips.

A drop so same,yet so different,
expresses my joy,reflects my sorrow.
An everlasting companion,
mine alone,today and tomorrow!

Have you ever wondered how important and significant tears are in our life? Yes,most probably you haven't.

We all begin our life with a cry that enables the lungs to open up and expand,thereby enabling us to breathe. We do not shed tears though till the age of 2-3 months.

The idiom 'shedding crocodile tears' used widely to describe false display of sorrow, probably originated from the view that crocodiles shed tears(only to lubricate their eyes) while feeding. Wicked,right? I have heard that a lot of research has been done on this too.
There is even a medical condition called 'Crocodile tear syndrome' or Bogorad's syndrome in which humans too shed tears while eating.

Females have been blamed to have an intense liking for them and tears have been referred to as blackmailers, a woman's best weapon... a man's weakness. On the other hand,tears are also considered cathartic and aide in relieving stress in highly emotional states.
So are tears good or bad? Some one who cries too much is called a 'cry baby' while someone else is called 'stone hearted' if he doesn't.

Some have a hard time trying to hold them in while others need glycerine to ease them out.
Onions,for some weird reason make us shed tears big time!

We cry to express sorrow and we cry to express extreme joy...so as I said...tears are true companions.They help you vent out the extremes in emotions and bring you back to a state of homeostasis...a balance.
So cry your heart out once in a while,there is no shame in crying and I mean you too,men. There is no 'macho' attached to not crying. Tears just make you human!