Today's post is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine who went ahead and got a drastically short hair cut despite my pleading not to. No doubt that the new cut really suits her but her long hair did too...and they were well,really long! So here goes.....

Your crowning glory that once was,
a chance to behold it now, none will get.
What rested on your scalp once,
that cascade of black will never descend.

How could you give it up like this?
After all, it had been your companion since long.
You disowned what was so faithfully yours.
Did it ever selfishly leave you alone?

At least shed a tear or two please,
or sing a little pathos as well.
For the one you sacrificed at the altar of your looks.
Why don't you mourn the martyr, do tell!

There is a sudden up rise in the number of women going for really short haircuts,tattoos,body piercing,hair highlights(even fluorescent ones that I never knew existed!)... Some consider it as an act of freedom,some as rebellion while others find it cathartic. No,don't think that I oppose any, I just feel pained when girls do it to prove that they are no lesser than men. Do what you want to do girls, but only because you want to do it! You don't need to prove a thing!
Those who understand already see your point, while those who don't....why care about them?
So be the woman you are and most importantly,be proud of being a woman!

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