Moving on further in our journey as the better halves of the men-in-uniform,let me begin from where I left off...

The inevitable ageing!
Yes,we all age with time and cannot do anything about it except fret. Similarly, the moment you get married to an Indian army officer,you instantly grow at least a decade old(at least it feels so)
-You meet a senior officer and his family and are suddenly happy to see his daughter who seems almost your age. You flash your teeth and say 'hi!' only to be hit back by 'Good evening aunty!'
You look behind your shoulder and the reality strikes you- yes,you are the aunty! For ever now..
Fret over it all you want, no anti-ageing cream can change that.
An unsaid rule in the army-an army wife is respectfully 'aunty' for all children of army officers irrespective of your and/or their age.
So the next time anyone tries to outsmart you by saying,'Grow up!' you will probably strangle him and say,'Can I possibly grow any older?'

Double jeopardy
Let us talk about MILs. I know you are smiling and saying-So predictable! Really?
Hold your horses dear as this is not your husband's mother I talk about(Great reverence to her though). I talk about the MIL no one told you about-The CO's wife(Much more reverence to her,my husband still serves the army!)
Just as a wise woman once said,'your happiness post marriage depends on how nice your MIL is', an army officer's wife's life is just as nice as the CO's wife is.
You begin to realise the 'double jeopardy' in your life:
-CO wife is another MIL no one told you about,good or bad-your luck!
-Army shall always be the first priority and you shall forever feel like 'the other woman' in your man's life.
-Family has two meaning too in army lingo. When a 'jawan' says his family is ill,no, don't worry-it doesn't imply that the entire family is ill,just his wife is.
-If you are working(oh really!*eye roll*),congratulations! It shall be easier to take leave from your work than an army social. Be a juggler,girl!
-Don't get emotional and call any officer 'bhaiya'. The term is reserved for all jawans especially your husband's buddy(erstwhile helper/sahayak).

Too much to take? We have just begun.....