The sweet and slightly spicy concoction that we call 'being married to the olive greens' is an amazing one. Continuing further, I have for you some more...

Oh Really?
A few Oh really? moments you may face:
- Convent educated you may be,you shall still be subject to the stare and ever-popular remark of a really-senior-army officer's-wife....'she needs to be groomed!' This is surely coming your way if you
        -say 'hi' instead of Good evening.
        -address anyone by his/her first name.
        -say that you don't want to attend a ladies' meet or welfare.
        -commit the crime of wearing a suit to a formal gathering.
    (always remember-formal is spelled as S-A-R-E-E in the army language)

When the stork arrives
Post marriage, every time you utter the word 'unwell',it shall be perceived as 'maybe pregnant'. God forbid if you eat something bad and puke,you will probably get a baby shower before you reach  a doctor. It is an interesting world!
In case you do announce the 'good news', you definitely earn the VIP title and are pampered.
Once you become a parent,you realize some more facts and figures:
-children are not invited to formal gatherings and the anti room you had earlier heard about is actually ente(short for entertainment) room where your child shall spend the evening in front of a TV while you attend the social.
-your child shall change more schools than you can count.
-you shall alternate between being the perfect family and struggling as a single-parent whenever your husband is posted out.