A 21-gun salute to all damsels who have slipped on the ring or are about to tie the nuptial knot with an Indian Army officer! Trust me,it takes guts. It is a very different world and someone stepping into it,especially from the so-called 'civilian' society can expect the shock of one's life. Right here, I want to tell that I AM AN ARMY WIFE TOO(a proud one)  and all I am trying to say here is that....you know,like that advertisement of tomato ketchup....

            IT’S DIFFERENT!

When I got married,I was clueless and I really wish someone gave me a few pointers as to what was in store for me..I could have avoided many disasters and awkward moments.
What I shall be writing over my next couple of posts is for army wives to read and smile and nod in agreement, would-bes to note down as a survival guide and for everyone not even remotely related to the army to get a sneak peek into what lies behind the well guarded walls.
Let us start from the very beginning of this fairy tale:

The Gentleman Cadet!
Take my word for it,army officers make the best (I would say bestest but that is wrong English) boyfriends!
Officers during their training period are referred to as 'gentlemen cadets' and remain gentlemen forever because of the chivalry instilled in them.
If you have an O.G. beau, EXPECT him to:
-open the door of the car for you every time!
-open every door and wait for you to enter before him.
-write romantic letters to you .
-make you feel super special.
I was in college when I met my soldier and was I envied? Army officers are physically fit and mentally strong....need I say more? * wink wink*
The fairy tale begins on a wonderful note....he tells you stories and you swoon over your hero. Can't wait to get married.

Man and wife!
The D-day arrives and you tie the knot among nervous breakdowns,drunk guests and incomprehensible chants and ceremonies.
You see a lot of crisply dressed men accompanied by saree-adorning ladies and you instantly make out that they are your groom's 'brothers-in arms' and their wives. You picture yourself similarly and smile.
Everything is perfect!
When the festivities are over and you feel you have settled into your new life,it is time for him to rejoin duty. Like an amazingly understanding wife that you are,you pack up and leave with him. You reach his station of posting and  Voila!You realise that the settling in has not even begun!