After every sunset comes a new sunriseā€¦and breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as a doctor,I can vouch for that. What you eat in the morning has a great influence on your physical and mental agility throughout the day.

Why to have breakfast?
1) Breakfast restores the body's energy and glucose stores after an overnight fast.
2) It lowers stress hormone and elevates mood.
3) It fires up the body's metabolism...skipping breakfast makes you gain,not lose weight!(eye-opener)

Despite being the most important one,it is the most neglected. No one has time in the morning...
Kids are getting late for school...parents for work.
My family very religiously has nashta every day but thinking what to cook for it every morning is another task that I find very difficult.The Gupta family though seems to have mastered it.
(My husband thought I was referring to our family...his surname being Gupta too! LOL)

After their invitation,I went through the innovative and mouth-smacking recipes they have in
nashta.Thank God for the invitation, I was ready to gate crash!

Cereals are the best choice for breakfast as they not only provide nutrition but also contain lots of fibre .Moreover,it is a fat and cholestrol free way to start the day.
Before I came to know about Kellogg's waale Gupta ji,cereal just meant cornflakes and milk to me. Now ?The choices seem endless.

A healthy breakfast must contain at least one item from each of the following three groups:
-milk/dairy product
Guptaji's family has worked out recipes that conbine all three and yet are mouth-watering yummy!
Healthy and tasty is every mother's dream!

I hope the nashta they serve me consists of Cheesy cornflakes followed by Cornflakes choco-walnut muffin(I am a die-hard chocolate fan).
While I am there,I'll definitely try and learn the amazing recipes they know...who knew cornflakes could be so much fun?
Have a look....
-Cornflakes jelly shake to whip up in  a jifffy for an unexpected guest.
-Cornflakes fruity yogurt cup to bring back lost smile on any face.
-Cornflakes khatta moong as a great snack while gossipping.
-Cornflakes coconut laddoos for my daughter who is a Chhota Bheem and laddoo fan.
-Cornflakes date shake that even my not-so-kitchen-savvy husband can prepare.
-Walnut cornflakes choco balls as another healthy chocolate indulgence.
-Cornflakes chana chaat to go with evening tea.
-Seetaphal make eating seetaphal easy.
-Chapatti cornflakes chivda that might make my brat eat chapatti.
-Strawberry and banana cornflakes for the in-a-hurry nashta times.
-Cornflakes popcorn clusters that bring a new twist to movie-watching with family.
The list is endless....the recipes are a blessing for mothers like me who are invariably going crazy buying books like 100 recipes for fussy eaters.
So while I get set to try all these recipes,you try and ignore the invitation. Won't be long before you succumb.

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