What is it nowadays with judging everyone and everything?
Has the nation suddenly gained enlightenment or stumbled upon the great wisdom?
Earlier we saw allegations or accusations but now no more. We do not send anyone to trial...we simply judge. Why listen to the other person's side of the story? Why waste time thinking of an explanation for whatever has happened?
It is so much simpler and time saving to just go ahead and pass the verdict.
The documentary India's daughter was not even released when it was judged not fit for the Indian audience. Yes,it is not and I say this not because of the way the entire incident had been depicted but because of the way the two so-called upholders of justice sat conveniently and passed their judgment on not only the victim but every woman in the society. Their statements are probably the most horrifying scenes in the movie.
We have chat shows and debates which do not sound and look like debates. They are just a lot of noise and unilateral discourse. Debates I always thought were meant to be interactive.
India lost the semi-finals of World Cup-this is not correct.
The Indian Cricket team lost the World Cup semi-finals. It has been blown out of proportion and being portrayed as the ultimate betrayal. Come on guys,I am a big fan too but after all,it is just a game. You win some,you lose some. The team showed a great performance throughout. Why can't we accept that the other team was stronger?
Instead of showing solidarity with the team,we label them as losers. What's more,we even pass our judgment on Virat-Anoushka's relationship. Seriously,what is wrong with us?
I can still understand the angst of disappointed fans but self proclaimed responsible TV channels also did not think twice before passing their adjudication.
It is a sad state of affairs. Social media brought us closer but now it has become an easy way of passing on opinions. What was earlier whispered as gossip is now being put out there,in the open, clearly with no thought given to the one being talked of.
Let us bring out the goodness in ourselves and strive to see the world and others in a brighter light.
Things are not always what they seem! Everyone has a story...almost everything has a reason...let us take out the time to look for it and then judge wisely.
We can never be sure...we may be judged one day too!

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