Our lives are filled with 'if only' and 'if I was'...do we really mean when we say them or is it just that it is easier to blame others and boast that everything would be better if you were in charge? I wondered about this when I came across the question-

What kind of world would you create if you had the power?

Perfection is a utopian dream. Nevertheless, there are a few things I would definitely bring about in the world if by some strange quirk of fate, I acquire the ultimate power(if even for an iota of time).

I want the world to be a tolerant place...a place where everyone can embrace his own beliefs
-of the religion one wishes to follow or even if one wishes to be an atheist.
-political beliefs would not be the reason for mud-slinging and bloodshed.
-fences shall not breed hatred among nations but shall only be the gateway to each other's home.
-sexual orientation shall be recognised as just another choice one may make.
-how people dress up would not be the basis of judgment of one's character.
My world shall be full of benevolent and unprejudiced people who shall not judge one another based on what one chooses to believe or not believe in.
Rig Veda says


meaning-'let noble thoughts come in from all directions of the universe'. This is possible only when we open our souls,broaden our perspectives and not shut out others believing them to be different.

Uniqueness,not Equality
I don't want equality in the world,no,my world shall not have equals. My world shall have unique beings who know their strengths and weaknesses and complement each other instead of ridiculing. There shall be a mutual sense of respect among the two genders and both shall understand that their bodies and minds are unique and precious. Various workers of different fields shall realise the worth of every job and work with each other,not under someone or over someone.
It already sounds so good!


Harmony among the elements
There shall be harmony between man and nature. Man shall not exploit nature and its resources indiscriminately to fulfil his selfish needs. Nature in return shall not go on a rampage with floods,tornadoes and hurricanes or volcanoes to avenge itself. 
There shall be a balance,a harmony that shall echo in the woods,in the sound of chirping birds,in the calls of animals and the homes and heart of men.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,
places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
                                                                          -John Muir

No one shall know what corruption is. The very word shall not exist. It shall no longer be able to eat away at the roots of development and progress. There will only be one way of doing things- the right way!
I wanted to strike it off but I guess it won't work,it needs to be erased!

A disease-free world
The world shall still have its share of joys and sorrows but no disease. I happen to be a doctor,yet I say this- Disease is unneccessary. It not only makes the patient suffer but also makes the entire family go through physical and mental ordeal. It shall exist but only in horror stories.

This is the world of my dreams that I present to you with pride and happiness! 
Hey wait,I just went through the post once again finally before publishing it and realised.....
None of us needs a miracle or the power of God to remake this world. Almost everything that I wrote above is possible...if we all...the citizens of the world pledge together to bring about the change we wish to see in the world. Then we shall truly have
                                                         ' The world remade!'

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