The UN theme this year for International Women's Day is

Empowering women, Empowering humanity. Picture it!


UN feels that 100% of the goals cannot be achieved if 50% of the people cannot reach their full potential. So true! The lesser than 50% (and never increasing beyond) population needs to awaken from the slumber waiting for the Prince Charming's kiss and rescue.
I did not wish anyone A HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY yesterday..there is still far to go before the celebrations can start.
This Women's Day,do not celebrate...there is nothing to celebrate yet.
                                               This Women's Day,wake up!

For centuries in our culture,we have looked up to men in different roles in our lives to protect us, shield us,take care of us. Stop it! Take up the responsibility,fight back,fight for your rights. But before everything else,end the guilt.

Stop feeling the guilt
-of wanting to wear jeans or that short dress. You have the right to wear what you want!

source-the lens story

-of 'I-must-be-bad-to-deserve-this-treatment' on being the less favoured child in the family. Those who do not understand the worth of a daughter are worthless!
-of being subjected to vulgar comments when you pass down lanes,in daylight or at night. Don't give in, report the jerks to the police. There is no shame in telling others. Ignoring won't make it go away!


-of wanting to study when your parents can't afford it(better spend it on the boy,right?). Go to college,study and pay back. Will it not make you a better daughter if you are sharing the burden rather than trying to lessen it?
-of choosing a life partner and not going by the society-approved way. As long as you choose judiciously and you both are happy,your parents will be happy too.
-of not being the perfect wife/daughter in law,sister in law etc etc....No one is perfect. You just left your home and entered an unknown one.Give yourself a break.Things will come around.
-of 'what-will-happen-to-my father-if-he-knows-I'm-unhappy' .Do not bear and stay in abusive relationship to save your parents from the shock of it. They may be stronger than you think while you may not be strong enough to last forever in a bad relationship. Just not worth it...ask for help!
-of not losing those kilos. You cannot have a perfect body as there isn't one. Perfect bodies don't make you beautiful but your confidence sure does. You are a woman,not a mannequin!
-of leaving your child behind and going to work. Your work will give you satisfaction and make you a happy mom...a happy mom brings up a happy child. The extra money coming in is for your child's secure future too,so why not?
-of choosing to stay at home to take care of the kid. It's your child,your life,your choice. As long as you are okay with your decision,all is good.
-of not making him happy enough. Love and marriage are not one-way. It is something you alone cannot be responsible for. So dump the guilt trip and talk to'll find out a way,hand in hand!
-of wanting some 'me' time. Give yourself 'me' time once in a while...splurge on shopping,go for mani & pedi or just read a book. It is important to retain your sanity and not lose yourself in work and/or home.

-of being labelled a 'bad girl' if you speak your mind. Such labels are rubbish and people who create them(special credit here to the bad girl poster viral on internet) are in serious need of psychological counselling. Speak out your mind! Stand up for what is right! Stand up for each other!

source-the lens story
Get up girls,women,ladies! Chuck the guilt out of the window. Get up and get together!
You are the princess with the sword,break those chains of bondage and be your own saviour!
And then there shall be a time when every woman in the world shall be free to be herself and I shall say
A very Happy Women's Day!

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