This post is dedicated to the 'Weather God' who seems Hell-bent on driving me nuts!
For once,can someone tell me

What is the weather like? Is it hot or cold?

I am going crazy trying to figure it out. As if problems in life are already not enough,the WG is adamant on keeping the weather a suspense. It seems like he is bored of the meek human beings not giving him his due respect and is now playing around to show the material he is made of. The weather now changes on a daily basis... seasons are a thing of the past.
The weather app on my mobile is also going insane and I have a strong feeling that one of these days when I try and update it,it will say

Go figure yourself!


The day nowadays is filled with difficult choices:

The sweater or not?
Every morning before going to work,I do not look inside my wardrobe to decide what to wear. I look out the window,calculating like a weather scientist,deciding whether it would be prudent to wear a sweater or not. Whatever I decide,I usually am wrong by the time I come home from office. I think I need to stock up a couple of clothes in my office.

Laundry day...can it be?
It is so difficult to decide washing the clothes. A beautiful sunny day yesterday made me throw in clothes in the washing machine. Before the cycle was over, WG took out his weapons and shot down my hope with thunder and lightning. The electricity was gone and laundry was in the machine...with detergent and water. Today when I managed to get it out to dry,it rained!

Blanket tonight or the quilt?
Another dilemma I face while retiring to bed-whether to risk shivering or sweating? Does it matter what I decide? You know it too,there is no way of knowing what to do.

The ice cream impasse
One cold winter morning,I told my 5-year old that she could have ice cream only in summers. She innocently asked me, 'How will I know when it is summer?'
'When it is sunny and you don't wear a sweater',was my reply. Now she sees her mother taking off and putting on sweater on her with a crazed frenzy and asks me,'Why is the summer coming and going so fast? Can it atleast stay till I can eat an ice cream?'
I do not know what to tell her.

Even Watsapp is full of messages on the ever-changing weather,the latest being
Dear weather,please tell me whether I should pack the sweaters yet or not...and should I apply cold-cream or sunscreen?
I really think that my mind is so occupied with this weird climate that the jokes don't seem funny at all. Even the simple question, 'How's the weather?' irritates me beyond measure.
Can someone please tell Mr WG to stop this game of hide and seek before I lose my sanity? We humans acknowledge your mighty presence and promise not to ignore it ever! Please make up your mind and decide WHETHER THE WEATHER IS GOING TO BE HOT OR COLD? Give us back our seasons...we prefer the monotony of predictability of weather over the daily suspense.