I aim for stars of the sky
Ignore but flowers that grow nearby.
For showers the Lord I do beseech
Treasure not, dewdrops within my reach.
Bet my life on a single dream
While realities slip by as a stream.

Being ambitious is being progressive. The dreams we dream and the goals we aim for, drive us forward in life and let us achieve great heights. However in our pursuit of these goals, we oft ignore the little joys around us. Instead of celebrating the event called life itself, we look for 'bigger' reasons to celebrate. Maybe it is due to the fast paced life we are leading or the way we over-burden ourselves. If we just stood still and let ourselves dwell in the present, look around and be grateful for the little bounties of life, life would truly be beautiful.
There are so many things in life that actually make life worth living.

The little things that make a big difference in my life are:


Being with my love
When I tied the knot with an army officer,little did I know that my definition of celebrations would change forever.
His duty made him stay away on 'special' days like birthdays,our anniversary, karvachauth and many others. It felt awful and the special days felt special no more. Gradually, it made me realise that every day my husband is near me is reason itself to celebrate and since then, every day together is special....every day is a festival.
We don't waste time in fussing and fretting over little issues 'coz we appreciate the significance of just being together.

I strongly believe that the best of your memories are made up of the places you have travelled. My husband and I love to travel....and our daughter? She wants to be anywhere but home. Therefore,it is needless to say that we travel a lot. Add to that the fact that my husband is a fauji who gets posted to various places every couple of years and you will probably feel that we are pretty much nomadic.
The joy of exploring new places...
The insatiable wanderlust....
There is just so much life out there....
Waiting to be discovered and lived.

My daughter's smile
The best thing in the whole wide world and I am not even exaggerating when I say this,is the smile on my daughter's face. It has the uncanny ability to make every misfortune seem irrelevant. The worst of days can turn beautiful when she smiles, 'I love you mumma' from her innocent lips makes me feel like the most loved person in this universe and has the power to pull me out of the abyss of any sorrow.

My friend-my silent companion
The one who is never angry at me, has no mood swings,never questions my love,never fails me and loves me unconditionally and overwhelmingly is my canine friend Candy.Owning a dog sounds like hard work but the love and affection you get in return are ten-fold. When I come home from work, she is waiting at the door and the moment I enter, she drenches my feet in her saliva and gets dissappointed on the days that I wear shoes. Truly,she is a blessing!

The ability to write
The everyday blessing I am eternally grateful for is the ability to pen down my thoughts into words. For me,writing is cathartic,it is liberating! The joy of writing a blogpost, the contentment on finishing a story or the pride of reading my name in print is unparalleled. Even if I am able to put in writing a single sentence in a day,it makes me feel whole.

I am thankful to the Almighty for these little blessings in my life and pray they stay forever!

I strongly feel that while it is good to move forward towards your destination with determination, it would not hurt to stop once in a while to smell the roses by the side of the road.

Its The Little Things That Things That Make Life Big ~ Joy Quote

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