Pepsi has always been more than just a cold drink! The folks at Pepsi really know how to rope in the masses and make every activity they are involved with, a very fun-filled extravaganza. Last year,it was internship with Pepsi and this year,they have provided a platform to all budding directors and aspiring actors (who doesn't dream of being one?) to showcase their talent and be featured on television.
Pepsi ads have forever been my favourites,from 'Yehi hai right choice baby!' through 'Ye dil maange more' to 'Oh yes,abhi!'
This year cricket fever is back with a vengeance, the IPL following World cup and Pepsi has aptly come up with #Crash the IPL, which is a brilliant initiative and has received an overwhelming response.
Some of the entries are funny,some are witty and some are outright intelligent while a few are strangely weird too....but nevertheless,most of them are worth a watch!
The ones that caught my attention are as follows:

1)The witty one
This one is truly witty and sends the message across with an innocent prank. The actors are honestly superb too. I had a hard time believing it was not made by the company itself. A light dose of humour served with entertainment. Commendable!

2)The funny bone
The one that is sure to tickle your funny bone and make you laugh out loud is the jhingalala ad.
The very word is quite ridiculous in fact and eternally associated with tribals though I am pretty sure not a single tribe knows what it means!

3)The romantic fling
The subtle suggestions, the expressions of eyes, the hesitation...this ad has all the masala of a romantic scene of a Bollywood movie and an interesting climax too (pun intended!)
Very nicely made! Have a look.

4)The intelligent one
This video has all the elements of a perfect ad in my view. It is concise,crisp and entirely relevant to the theme of Pepsi IPL. The IPL teams have been depicted through the culinary specialties characteristic of the regions with one element common in all menus- Pepsi of course! This no-nonsense ad is one worthy winner.

5)The could-be ad
The following ad by the Qtiyapa guys is nice but that's it. It is stretched way beyond need and it seems they forgot they were filming an ad. Maybe if it had been a tad bit shorter,it could have made to the finals at least.

6)The 'what-were-you-thinking' one
Frankly, I have no idea what the guys who made this commercial were thinking.
One friend is sleeping at midnight and the others come to wish him a happy birthday. He is surprised and asks,'Tum bhoole nahi?'
In reply,one says,'Bhoolenge kaise nahi? Chal celebrason(written as pronounced) karein.'
Seriously guys?
Go watch!

The good,the bad and the ugly.... check out the 
#CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda
You will love some,hate some....but definitely enjoy watching them all!
 Kudos Pepsi! May the best one win!

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