I'll stumble & fall on every stone?
No, I defy you destiny, I know I should.
I dare you to try me more than once.
I always stood for all I was or could.
Attempt to hurt me as much as you can,
I will not shed a single tear.
Bring to life the scariest nightmares,
I harbour in me but no fear.
Take away my joys, bestow me with agony.
I will cherish every sorrow.
Gift me endless darkness if you will,
I will not give up, not today, not tomorrow.
Snatch away everything, all I love,
I shall still stay alive.
Challenge me to any odyssey, any ordeal.
I am a survivor, I shall survive!

Determination and the will to move forth despite every obstacle and adversity are what separate the great from the rest.
It is easy to achieve given the proper opportunities at the appropriate time. What is difficult is to retain the courage to carry on the fight when everything seems to go askew and giving up is the painless solution. I as a doctor, have the fortune to see many such undaunted spirits whose fortitude challenges death and even emerges victorious in the face-off.
Many such heroes remain unsung and I appreciate the efforts of JSW and BlogAdda in their attempt to move the limelight on to the real heroes rather than the reel ones.
The stories of all those who have been nominated are incredible and I voted for more than a couple but the ones that truly touched my heart are-

Manju-the first female porter. In the patriarchal society that we live in,it requires immense courage for a woman to even step out of the four walls of the house, leave alone enter a male domain. Manju has gone ahead and done just that. I vote for her not because she is working and fending for her three children as a single parent, I vote for the tenacity of her spirit,for the taboos she has shattered,for the confidence her actions must have instilled in the women of her village.
I vote for her will of steel to annul the phrase
                                                   'It is a man's world!'

I also vote for Dr Debal Deb, also known as 'the rice warrior' of India. He is an ecologist who is working with the local farmers of Eastern India and has managed to save over 920 varieties of rice with the creation of a seed bank. He hopes to work with the locals using traditional methods and eventually free them of dependence on corporate giants. He is helping to sustain those who sustain the entire nation. This is my idea of 
                                                    'Make in India.'

Another worth mentioning stalwart is Arunima Sinha. We all read the story in newspapers four years ago of a national level volleyball player thrown out of a running train by robbers. We read it,we discussed it and then as shortlived our memories are,forgot about it. The same player, whose leg had to be amputated due to the incident, has scaled the Mount Everest and become the first amputee to do so. What is it if not sheer grit and determination? Doesn't it make our aches and pains seem insignificant? She has proven that
                                                 ' Where is a will, there is a way!'

I vote for Badri and Asha Singh Pandey, the parents of Jyoti Singh for showing exemplary courage in coming forward and revealing the identity of their daughter who was addressed as Nirbhaya, Damini and India's daughter. It is beyond my comprehension how the couple faced the nightmare and yet had the strength to declare the name of their daughter. In our culture,the contradiction of idolising young girl child as the re-incarnation of Durga and blaming the victim for rape co-exists. The step taken by these parents has broken the taboo of concealing a rape-victim's name. It clearly sends the message across
                                               'Blame the rapist,not the rape victim!'

Lastly, I cannot,even if I tried, forget to mention here the name of Alka Rai, daughter of Col M.N.Rai. The 11 year old shouted her father's regiment war cry as she payed her last respects to him, her hero who laid down his life for the nation. Watching her as she did so sent shivers down my spine and I could not stop my tears. She is her father's daughter....a soldier's daughter! It shows that bravery runs in families and age is no consideration.
I salute all these remarkable individuals who have not only challenged the odds we dare not dream of...but have also re-instilled our faith in the invincible power of human will!

Author's note:
I’m voting for Manju,Dr Debal Deb,Arunima Sinha,Alka Rai ,Badri and Asha Pandey's #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.' Please go to www.willofsteel.in and be the judge. Do your bit by voting for them! These heroes don't have to be unsung.

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