The womb that created ....
The bosom that nurtured.
The lap I sat in & giggled....
The hand that steadied my every stumble.
The shoulder I slept & cried on....
The arm that nestled my sleepy head.
The face that lit up at my sight....
The legs that turned into a slide.
The feet that never tired running after me ....
The back that carried me.
The tresses I loved to play with....
The gestures I tried to imitate.
Time flew & I grew.
A lot has changed since then.
But you were,are & always will,
Be the one I turn to for everything.
My super hero, my zone of comfort,
My mom, my first expert!

There have been innumerable times when I have tried to pen down my love and gratitude towards my mother but words always fail me. No form of prose or poetry takes the shape of the emotion I wish to convey. The love is unfathomed and the description impossible.
Truly,some things can only be experienced and felt.
Memories of childhood days bring a smile on my lips and I can smell my mother's fragrance if I close my eyes. She is a part of every sweet and sour memory I have.
I was sitting and reading a review of Godrej expert rich creme hair colour where it was mentioned as 'the colour expert' and I had a sudden urge to thank #MyFirstExpert- my mother!

My gloomy first day of school
I still vividly remember the first day of school. Mom and dad dropped me and were about to leave me in the class and go when I looked around and saw weeping and howling children inside the class. I got scared and caught hold of my mom's pallu and would not let go. The teacher gestured them to leave and they hesitantly did.  I was appalled at the betrayal. I made through the day without shedding a tear but as soon as I got home, the only question I had was, 'Why did you leave me alone?' For me, it was a huge offence and I was Hell-bent on making her feel guilty for it. She never lost her cool and pacified my little broken heart which of course was easily mended with a couple of kisses and cuddles from ma.

My homework chair
For almost half a decade of schooling, my favourite chair to sit and do my homework on was my mother's lap. There was no other way I would do it. Despite the time it took, my chair never tired, never winced and just surrounded me with love. She took my hand and guided me when my little fingers failed to form the complicated pattern of a word and subtly suggested the answer when the number of fingers on my hands fell short of the numbers in the addition sums.

My guru
Mother not played the role of a teacher but also that of a guru by instilling in me moral values and life's lessons. She taught me how to live life.
I was in kindergarten when I came home one day and announced,'Mumma, we had a test today and I got a star.'
Mom was surprised,'Test?'
I brought the notebook from my bag and proudly displayed it.
'But I never made you revise this. Did you remember it?' she asked.
'Aap bhi budhhu ho mumma',I said in all innocence,' It was written on the previous page. I just turned it over and copied.' I was proud of my intelligence,knowing little what it meant.
She told and taught me that day the importance of honesty and that what I had done was cheating.
So deep was the impact of her words that I follow to this day and am proud to say that I have never cheated.

My play mate
The credit of teaching me all the board games like snakes & ladders,Ludo and carrom goes to mom. She also taught me the game of 'geete' that is played with marbles and a ball.
I remember she used to keep two sets of playing to teach us kids and the other to play with dad. Needless to say, we envied the one they played with.
I remember my mother changing from a teacher to a cook to a friend in no time. She still has the playful jovial nature that makes her an instant hit with kids...first only I was; now my daughter is her fan too!

My best friend
I have heard people say that mother-daughter relationships are complicated. I don't agree. My mother is my best friend forever. I have always shared my every secret, small or big, good or bad with her(sorry dad,I know you will be a tad bit envious at this). I don't have a sister but never felt like I missed out on anything, thanks to my mom. She is the one I have fought with, laughed with, shopped with and gossiped with. Even today,I don't need to think twice before calling her whenever I want advice or want to just plain sulk.
It was not all nice and sweet. I also got on her nerves and loved troubling her. I had extremely long hair till I was 11 years old and had a fight with my mother every morning regarding the teeny weenie lack of precision in the two plaits she made. Moreover the long hair needed a lot of maintenance.
She tried many-a-times to uproot the underlying problem by getting my hair cut and even managed to take me to a parlour once but I literally ran from there with half my hair open, thwarting her attempt. Eventually when I grew up and it was time for me to start making my hair myself, I had a whim and got my hair all chopped off!
We both still remember the incident and laugh together over it.

Beyond childhood, through college, marriage and now have been with me every step of the way, guiding me...guarding me...I know you don't always hold my hand in the dark and gloomy lanes of life but I also know that you are forever around to catch me if I fall.

Thank you ma!


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