I believe that science fiction of today is the reality of tomorrow. So powerful is the human mind that all it takes for anything to come true is the inception of the idea in a single mind.
When we were young, we were fascinated by the landline handsets, amazed at the cordless ones...then came mobiles which dazzled us, soon to be followed by smart phones that completely baffled us!
What next? The smart phones got equipped with apps that brought the entire world in our hands.
Smart phones have revolutionized our entire lifestyle and have become our new best friends. There is an app for practically everything!
Of late, the experience of shopping has been evolving at a very fast pace. Moving from one retail store to another to find a particular thing you have in mind but just can't explain it to the shop-keeper is so a thing -of-the-past. It is much more convenient to compare and shop online.
Shopping apps like Myntra make the experience not only convenient but very personal too.
When Myntra recently switched over to app only platform, I was thinking,
'I switched over to the app a year ago.'
Really,when it is so much more convenient to use an app than a laptop/computer,who needs the website?

1) Faster than using the computer
You don't need to log into the website every time like on a computer. The app keeps you automatically logged in and you just need to tap the icon to start shopping.
Moreover you don't need to wait endlessly when the internet connection is slow. The app works even at low bandwidths.
Choose your pick...


Shop like this 
               like this!

2) Ease of access
Imagine yourself trapped in a boring party or the doctor's waiting office with nothing to do. You can either dream of all the shopping you could have done instead of wasting your time there or install the Myntra app on your phone! You can browse through items to while away your time and save the ones you like in your wishlist or just go ahead and buy them(if you are a spontaneous shopper like me!)
Husband's peace and wife's shopping never go hand-in-hand! For me,it is fun to lie down and relax while browsing through a shopping app. Shopping soothes my nerves...lol..though my husband says that my shopping drives away his sleep!
But seriously, unless I have a contraption like this,I really don't think it is easy to shop online while trying to relax.

Why not use an app instead?

3)The personal touch
No offence but the worst part of shopping in a mall or garment store for me is the salesman who tailgates me. The store owners probably feel that it is to offer the customer a personal experience but trust me, it is only irritating if anything. I like to compare and shop, I check out the price tag of everything before I make a decision and at times, I just pick up something on a whim. It is difficult to do that with another human being shadowing you and giving you unasked for advice.
On the other hand is the app that like a personal stylist remembers your choices, knows you, understands your preferences and subtly suggests accordingly. Not only that, it also lets you know of all good offers and discounts available, just like a true friend.

Check out what is new in the app.

4) Convenient gifting                                                                                                                         
I love to sending gifts to my family and friends but choosing a gift is cumbersome. Then is the doubt in my mind whether the person will even like it or not.
Apps make it so convenient to browse through various categories of gifts using filters that customise your search. You can even share with a friend on social mediia what you are planning to buy .The product can be gift-wrapped at a nominal extra cost. Moreover,if the person doesn't like the gift or there is an issue with size/colour, it can always be changed.
Gifting was never so easy!

I hear a lot of people say that we are wasting our time on apps and smart phones. I do not agree. Smart phones and apps can rather help us utilise our time if we choose them judiciously. The choice of apps is what makes the smart phones smart.

When Myntra took the decision of going app only,it was looked at with a lot of skepticism. Experts felt that it it was a big risk. Well,may be it is,I don't know. But as a customer I do know,smart phones are the future, with almost everyone switching over to them and accessing the internet and shopping via apps is way more convenient than doing it through a website(I am not even comparing it to shopping at a store...that sounds primitive now!). Myntra has just done what others shall do in the future. I feel it is a very user-friendly and customer-centric approach to have taken this risk for making the shopping experience truly personal. 
And as Myntra put it, this is not it. This is

So what are you waiting for? Go download the apps that convert your smart phone into your personal assistant and don't forget the personal stylist that can make you 'look good'-Myntra ! Carry your share of personal (h)appy-ness with you..everywhere!

Author's note:This is my take on Myntra's decision to go app-only that I vehemently support. What do you feel? Are you App-happy? What is your personal (h)appy-ness quotient? Do let me know.

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