The twitter and entire social media are on a crazy guessing spree since the 25th of April when the legendary Kapil Dev joined twitter and started promoting the hash tag of #eknayileague soon after.

The suspense has been built very aptly with short videos of Kapil Dev . These videos give a very slight taste of what is about to come and leave you craving for more.
The frenzy is building and joining in, I have been trying to scratch my brain too. Have a look!

The very name itself is a little suggestive-since it refers to a league, I believe that there are going to be teams competing against each other.

The brain game
Going through the videos...should be better referred to as teasers; it becomes very clear that the game must be played with the head and not the heart. It is seldom that one advises you not to play with your heart, but use your brains alone. Kapil Dev vehemently does so. He mentions  in a video that his mother always told him to play with his heart but if he plays this league with his heart, he would definitely lose.

Big names
Kapil Dev as the face of this promotion is a sign that this is going to be huge. Moreover, his addressing various eminent personalities of different fields,sports being the predominant one, gives us an idea that the eknayileague shall involve renowned names.
The selection of names is in no ways random. Very carefully,the names of M.S.Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza and Kapil Sharma have been chosen to reflect that there will be big names involved. I feel though that there shall be participation of the common man as well....In what way,I do  not know yet.
Maybe the teams shall be mentored by celebrities and shall consist of common men...well, can just guess!

Big money
When the names are big,the money involved is bound to be huge too. It is clear from the fact that the website is offering a prize of one lakh rupees for guessing correctly what eknayileague is all about.

The twitter angle (handle)
Kapil Dev had kept away from twitter. Now he joined the twitter bandwagon all of a sudden and is going around asking everyone to follow his handle as well. Twitter does not sound like a mere platform for promotion. Maybe there is some online element in the league as well.

The emotion
Kapil Dev appreciates the spirit of Yuvraj and is happy over the contract Yuvi got for IPL. He is all praise for Sania and hopes that sports are promoted all the more. He points at Dhoni and refers to Dev Anand....who said,'Superstars never retire!' Then he moves on to the king of comedy,Kapil Sharma. It makes me think that the emotional quotient shall run pretty high in the new league.

The conclusion
After all the careful deliberation and trying to scratch the grey matter inside my head to action, I have come to the conclusion that I may not know the details for sure but what I know for certain is that it is going to be entertaining, engrossing and worth the wait and presumptions!

Waiting eagerly for the launch of  #eknayileague!
Kapil Dev brought home the World Cup in 1983....I am sure this time too whatever he brings shall be worthwhile.

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