How many times have you doubted your own ears and wanted to ask the other person ,'Did you really say what I just heard?'
Okay don't start counting on me,I know it must have happened quite a lot many times. Just wanted to share a few of mine. I know it shall sound hilarious here but when it happens, you just wish you hadn't been there or had the power to vaporize the one who just said what he/she did.
Well, wishful thinking! All you can do mostly is here goes!


Try some of these answers the next time you hear one of these.

Q1) 'Aa gaye?' when you enter the house and are in clear visible view.
A) No,you are hallucinating! What made you think I am here?

Q2) 'What sort of a doctor are you? How can you fall ill?' when you have a bad cold and unfortunately happen to be  a doctor.
A) The human kind, if it pleases you. Mankind has not advanced to the robotic ones yet.

Q3) 'Oh my God! She has grown so much!' when a so-called aunty sees your child after a couple of years.
A) You expected her to shrink? I am sorry to disappoint you.

Q4) 'Are you at home?'  asked oh-so-many times by army wives who call at my fauji landline.
A) Oh wow! You must be telepathic. How did you know?

Q5) 'What are you doing here?' when someone meets you at the grocery store.
A) Well that is a difficult question you have asked me there!

Q6) 'Are you reading?' when you have a newspaper spread in front of you.
A) How silly of you? I just thought the newspaper must be feeling hot all piled up,so opened it out.

Q7) 'Is the lift going up?' while standing in front of the lift on the basement.
A) No,it has been trying to drill through the earth but no luck! Come,let us help it try again.

Q8) 'Oh,did you fall?' when you slip and fall.
A) Not at all, the earth couldn't resist my magnetic personality and rose upwards.

Q9) 'Aur batao..' the umptieth time while having a conversation on phone.
A) Why? Has your subscription of news channels ended?

And now for the most common and ridiculous one.....

Q10) 'I hope you were not sleeping.' on the phone at 2a.m in the morning.
A) Why did you even think that? I was doing the laundry.

Disclaimer: The answers given above are the author's viewpoint. The author takes no responsibility of the physical and/or mental risks involved in using any answer mentioned above in any context whatsoever.

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