I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and smiled as I opened my eyes.
This is bliss, I thought. Only if it was not an offsite with the office team to Kikar Lodge! Maybe if I didn't wake up and go out, every one would forget about me and let me be. You see, I am not the 'blue eyed' employee of my boss. I am rather the 'red eyed' one(if there is any such term)- his eyes definitely get red with anger when he sees me.
I was trying to bury myself deeper into my cozy blanket when I heard music playing outside. It got louder and soon felt as if someone was playing right outside my Swiss tent. Apna har din aise jiyo from Golmaal was being sung by a very melodious female voice. I wondered who had brought along the amazing music and went outside the tent.
I was stunned at the sight. Allu Arjun and a whole group of dancers were dancing to the marvelous voice of Anushka Manchanda! The entire office team was watching awe-struck and soon at Allu Arjun's behest, everyone started joining in. Oh shit! I suddenly realised that I was in my pyjamas and was probably looking hideous in my morning face. I rushed back inside, pulled on jeans and a crop top, washed my face and applied lip gloss. As I stepped out again, Anushka was singing 'Na jaane kahan se aaya hai'. I joined in the dance and truly, the experience was exhilarating. I felt so energised and full of life.

Allu Arjun asked me to step up and dance with him. Anushka winked. It was all getting better and better by the minute. I was nervous but nevertheless mustered up the courage and went ahead. Allu Arjun made me feel at ease and even taught me a few great steps.
I rejoined my office gang and we were actually doing the 'baraati ' dance (as we call unabashed crazy dancing) to Dance Basanti when our boss came to the venue. We stopped our embarrassing dance and waited for him to start his 'moral lecture'.
'What are you all doing?'
OH NO, I thought.
'Such wonderful music is on and you are not dancing?'
What did he say?
We looked at each other as Dhawan sir tried to dance with his two left feet. He gestured at us to join him and did we? We stopped only after the entire performance was over and all of us had taken a zillion selfies with the two star performers.
Suddenly an alarm went off. Was it a fire alarm? There was panic everywhere as everyone was running but the alarm kept on blaring. I could not move my legs..maybe they had frozen in fear.
'Are you going to get it?' my husband shook me slightly and asked.
I woke up with a start and shouted, 'Where is the fire? Help me!'
'Hey, what's wrong? Were you dreaming?', he asked.
Dreaming? I had been dreaming? 'Oh no!' I said and got up to get ready for office.
My husband seemed concerned,' What happened?'
'Nothing!' I said.
Of course it had to be a dream...my boring office would never plan an offsite....that too such an awesome one!
I reached office in a sullen mood and to add insult to injury, Dhawan sir was standing in the corridor. I glanced at my watch-I was ten minutes late.
'Do read the notice board when you have time', he said and left.
'Yes sir...I mean Good morning sir!', I blurted. I was sure some new rules must have come up regarding conduct and punctuality.
I cursed myself for being late and went to see the notice board. There was a huge crowd there. I peeped in through the gap and saw the notice

'Offsite for the admin team from 19th to 21st June at Kikar Lodge. Special surprises and performances. Kindly confirm asap.'

I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself-I wasn't dreaming!

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