Today if I think of the things I cannot step out of the house without, I can think of only three-my wallet, my watch and my mobile. On many occasions, I have forgotten the first two but never the last one. Mobiles have become like a second skin to our hands and they spend very little time inside our pockets and purses. The same goes for me as well. I am not a tech-savvy person or a gadget freak but I do like to own an impressive looking phone good on performance. It has been over a year and a half since I bought a mobile and with my birthday around the corner, I have been browsing the internet and local mobile stores for a decent mobile in a sensible price range. I came across Asus Zenfone2 and fell in love at the first sight. This phone has all the features one can wish for and more! It has instantaneously jumped to no.1 on my wishlist and I am sure by the time you reach the end of this post, it will be on yours too!

If looks could kill...
The incredibly thin edges and sleek metal body make this phone look simply stunning! There is no button on the sides(really!) and this makes it look unique, unlike any other mobile. The volume and shutter buttons are at the back.  The concentric circle look has been created with immense perfection and looks and feels great. Although it has a screen size of 5.5 inches, yet it looks elegant and is not bulky to hold!
Moreover, you have the option of choosing from five different back covers for a customized and personalised look. Anything else you can think of?

Performer to the core
Asus Zenfone2 is powered by 64-bit 2.3GHz Super Quad-Core Intel® Atom TM Z3580 processor. Sounds too technical? Well, it is not. It just means that the phone is not only good looking but a great performer as well. With a super-fast touch responsiveness and the latest processor, internet browsing and gaming experiences on this device are delightful. My mobile is my best buddy while travelling and I watch movies, play games and even blog on my mobile when in transit. If you are also like me, this is the phone for you!

Picture perfect!
The selfie craze has just begun! I belong to the category of people who took selfies with normal cameras too...clicking a dozen before getting one right picture. Camera quality is a big selling point in a mobile for me. Who has the time to carry a camera separately all the time? Memorable and picture worthy moments occur without warning. You need a great camera to capture them. Zenfone2 has 13MP rear and 5MP front facing camera! I am not kidding you. The colour contrast is amazing and the low light mode allows you to take clear pictures in the dark without flash. The shutter button at the back lets you take selfies effortlessly. So convenient, don't you think?

Boost up the charge
The new chat apps and games eat away the battery at supersonic speed and my mobile is always beeping with the low battery warning. My favourite Asus Zenfone2 has a high capacity battery that lasts really long. It also comes with BoostMaster technology that charges the mobile at double the speed. You can charge up to 60% in 39 minutes. This is a true blessing, right?

If you are thinking that it can't get better than this, think again. There is a whole array of smart accessories compatible with Asus Zenfone2 that you can choose to flaunt.

Who says you can't have everything? You can, at least while choosing a mobile. The Asus Zenfone2 just proved it. An amazing device that looks great in your hand and performs impressively, that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Need I say more?

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