D.I.Y might be Do-It-Yourself for you but for me it is Do-It- (wh)Y? I am very lazy when it comes to the DIY things. I am creatively endowed, don't you even doubt that and I can sketch and paint very well besides my new-found writing skills ;-) I somehow never have the time. I don't know...maybe I am juggling too many things or I just don't have the motivation to implement any D.I.Y ideas around the house. Coming to think of it, I think it is the latter as I live in fauji houses, all of which were probably created decades ago and look like an old hag whose face is painted white in a grim attempt to hide the wrinkles every time a new suitor arrives.
In this present station, I had promised my daughter she would get her own room. She did too but her first reaction was
This is not a kid's room. It is all painted white! I don't like it!
Strangely, all the doors,windows and even the almirahs are painted white in fauji accommodations and that did not appeal to her and she was sulking away to glory. I did not have the luxury of changing the house so decided to try and personalize it myself...D.I.Y !
Google today is the best friend, philosopher and guide and probably the only one who has time to answer any ridiculous question you ask. I sat down and was searching for 'ideas for walls' when I came across this article on www.rewardme.in
It was exactly what I was looking for...a few ideas and a motivational push! Reading it made me realise that walls are the best canvases and I did not even need to go in for typical wall art and expensive wall papers. I could use it in any way I wanted. I asked my daughter if she wanted to paint the wall with me(I would have to get it removed and the off-white paint reapplied before leaving the house but it was worth my kiddo's happiness) and I got an excited 'Yessss!'
We both surfed the net together now in search of the theme she would like. After a lot of confusion and near-fights with me, she narrowed down the jungle theme. Then we went for paint shopping and got all the colours we needed in the water proof ones.
The painting was drawn and then came the task of putting in the colours. It feels funny to admit but I felt extremely excited while painting....painting a wall was like a childhood dream come true! We all attempt to add our artistic creativity to the walls as kids and get shouted at by our moms. I had a hard time too convincing my daughter to paint inside the lines and had to firmly refuse her request (much to her disappointment) to colour the tree pink.
After four evenings of hard work, this is what her room looked like:

The kiddo was excited and I was extremely proud. Thank you Rewardme for the wonderful idea.
The website had some really innovative and easy to implement ideas in home decor. Check it out https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor

So D.I.Y just changed to Did-It-Yay for me!

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