Dear Dad,

                       Happy Father's Day!
I love you and I miss you. This year, I wanted to give you something that would reflect the love and gratitude I feel towards you but..
What do you give to the man who gave you everything?
I owe you my life Dad; no material thing can even faintly measure up to the magnanimity of your love. There were so many times when I missed saying Thank many moments when I ought to have expressed in words the feeling within but just remained quiet. Today, I want to let you know by hugging you and saying thank you. My world lies in your arms papa...there isn't a safer or better place.
This special day, I am not near you and though distances separate us, there is not a single day when I don't miss you or need you. Till we meet again, I am sending you a hug full of thank you.....

......for being my bed, my pillow, my ride.
I slept on your tummy as a baby and rocked with the rise and fall of every breath. Your arm was my pillow as a child. Whenever I got scared at night, you hugged me tight and I felt safe. How can I ever forget the bliss of falling asleep just anywhere and waking up tucked in my bed in the morning?
You never refused my silly requests to ride your back, even when you were tired.
I want to give you a thank you hug Dad, for sitting behind me every morning as I leaned on you and drank milk with half closed eyes.


......for being my bodyguard.
You were always there to hold me when I stumbled...while learning how to walk...while trying to balance a bicycle...while learning how to deal with life! You are my anchor Dad, I can never get lost in any tempest. You shielded me from every storm but also made me strong enough to face the world alone .
I want to give you a hug Dad, for making me the strong woman I am today because though you treated me like a princess, you also taught me not to wait for a prince to rescue me but to wield the sword myself.

.......for your time & patience.
I may get busy at times in my so-called fast life and forget to call you but for you, I was always no.1 on all your lists. Despite your job and commitments, no matter how tired you were, you always had time for me. You heard and answered my endless questions patiently. You were calm through my rebellious teens and patient through my know-it-all 20s.
I want to hug you Dad,for lending me your shoulder to cry on without ever saying,'I told you so!'

.....for believing in me.
I was anxious and doubtful at times. You never were. Every little thing I did, from walking for the first time to tying the laces myself, shone in your eyes as pride. You were always the wind beneath my wings, helping me soar without my even realising it. You never let me lose hope even when I failed. You felt the pain of my failure but never let it show...because you didn't want me to weaken.
I want to give you a hug Dad, for believing in me each and every time!

.....for letting go!
Your heart is as good as gold but as strong as a diamond. When I moved out to study medicine, you let me go though I know you did not sleep for many nights, worried sick about me. When I got married and was moving out, Mumma cried but you waved with a smile, wishing me luck. I know you cried when I left. I know it must have been heart wrenching for you to see your princess walk away but you still let her go, wishing a happy life for her.
I want to hug you Dad and let you know that though I am with my Prince Charming now, you still are my first love and the most amazing man in my life!

Thanks for being my dad!

                                                                                                      Love & hugs,
                                                         Your (lil’) girl
P.S. To all of not read and regret the times you missed expressing your gratitude towards your dad. Go hug him and let him know. In case you are still unsure, watch the video below and discover the magic of a hug!

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