I sat down yesterday with the laptop in front of me and browsed through various shopping sites, thinking of a gift for my dad on Father's Day. I could think of none that could even remotely match up to what all he has given me. 
This Father's Day, I just want to hug him and say thank you! I know even words cannot be enough to express my love and gratitude....still I want to hug him and say...

You held me so nimbly when I was born
Afraid you were of hurting me.
I felt secure in your arms
Your  warm embrace around me.
When I slept on your tummy
I heard your heart and its love deep.
You never moved or winced
Just to let me peacefully sleep.
I held your hand to walk the first step
You were overjoyed as I did.
My first word, my first tooth
Of my little achievements you boasted.
You knew every answer, you had all solutions
My dad,my superhero in all awesomeness.
You were my ride when I got tired
In your world, I was a princess.
When I left house for college
Mumma shed the tears.
You but felt the pain too
I could feel the sigh behind those cheers!
You protected me when I was vulnerable
Let go of me when needed.
Gave me advice in my times of doubt
Even when I foolishly unheeded.
I held his hand and left yours
The day I became a wife.
Yet you were, are and always will be
The most wonderful man in my life!!!

Over the years, this princess grew up...entered into new relations...but none parallels the one she shares with her Superhero-her dad!
Papa, I wish I could be with you on this special day and hug you for real. We may be separated by distance but the bond is strong as ever. The space between your arms is the safest place on Earth...today I am sending you a hug back..a hug to say thank you....a hug to say I love you...a hug to say I miss you....a hug to say ...
You rock dad!
 I saw this video on the internet while browsing and wanted to share it...hugs truly spread magic! I wonder why we don't hug more?

P.S. Everyone reading this and wondering about the last time you hugged your dad, stop thinking. Go and hug him right away! 

Author's note:
I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for
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