She was haggling with the subzi-wala since the past ten minutes over the price of brinjal. Of course, the vendor eventually gave in and accepted the price the lady offered, which was two rupees lesser than what he had demanded. She felt pride but the joy of victory still felt incomplete. As he handed over the bag to her, she was eyeing the coriander and green chillies sitting on the counter behind the vendor. He saw the eager eyes, mumbled something under his breath and added in a sprig of coriander and a couple of green chillies to the bag. Now she was beaming with joy. With an air of achievement, she moved ahead for the rest of her vegetable shopping.
This is not a story of a woman, this is the story of all of us. We are always looking out for the free coriander and green chillies.Call it an art, a hobby or an inherent habit...we as Indians want value for our money and more! I ask why not? The money is hard-earned, why not make every paisa count?
Say you go to buy a car, aren't you concerned about the freebies being thrown in? I know of a person who bought a high-end sedan couple of months back but is upset since then for not getting the free cushions he was promised and often voices his disappointment.
Who doesn't like a little extra? While having paani-poori, the extra water the bhaiya gives in the end pleases more than all the paani-pooris you just ate.

'Paisa vasool' though means 'getting your money's worth' , yet the timber in the sound of the word is incomparable and the English counterpart fails to make an impact. The word is so close to our hearts that it has become a tag-line for many a marketing campaigns.  It is even a parameter to review movies and a complete entertainer is often termed as a 'total paisa vasool'.
Free vouchers, discounts and offers are an acknowledgment of the aware consumer who wants to get the best out of his moolah.
'Paisa vasool' in no way means being a miser, it simply means that we want value for our money. The most expensive brands also sell here but only when they pass the test of  being 'paisa vasool'. Money saved is money earned, right? So why not spend it wisely?


Being able to extract value for money is not an art mastered by all in spite of the genetic inclination towards it. There are people like me as well who want more for their money but don't have the requisite skills for it. I can shop at a mall but if I have to shop from stalls or local markets, I simply cannot do it alone. As ashamed as I am to admit it, it's true-I am not good at bargaining! Not that I don't want to; I just do not ever know the price I ought to quote. On the other hand, my husband is immensely good at it. He bargains a great deal very conveniently and I am just left gaping with my mouth open. Every time he quotes a price almost half of what the shopkeeper demands, I feel he is being too adventurous and mentally decide a figure they both will agree on. He ends up getting the deal at the absurd price he offered and I am left all confused. I have not given up though. I am still learning and improving. After all, I am an Indian and proud to be one! I just need to tap the right chromosomes.

The art is not limited in our nation to 'rehris' and shops and movie reviews. It has transformed from being a slang to a concept that is being taken very seriously.
It led to the manufacture of a car that cost only one lac rupees- the Nano!- a true 'paisa vasool'.
Even the Scorpio that costs quite less as compared to its counterparts, was manufactured keeping in mind the 'paisa vasool' consumer.
How deep is the urge to make every single paisa count can be fathomed by the fact that the elite ISRO scientists sent a mission to Mars in just $74 million, which is said to be lesser than the cost of making a Hollywood sci-fi! Beat that!
The concept of 'paisa vasool' is spreading beyond the Indian map as consumers all over are becoming conscious of the fact that it is their right to demand quality and affordability.
Raise a toast to it folks-we just gave the world a new concept! Be is good to

Want more and never settle for less!

Even international travel, which was a dream for many, has become affordable and options available spoil you for choice. Too much of everything though is never good. The numerous airlines in the market came out with the economy class to please the larger masses but soon started compromising on quality and space to make up for the price cut. It left the 'paisa vasool' customer feeling dissatisfied and cheated.
In contrast to them, Lufthansa recently came up with a new class- premium economy class which offers true value for money. Not only is it affordable, it also adds in the little-extra in everything you can think of.
Unlike the rest of economy classes, it is not cramped up. There is extra legroom for comfort and you don't need to fight an elbow war-there is an armrest for everyone, with a cocktail table on it. Wow!
For a shopaholic like me, the free baggage allowance of 2x23 kgs sounds God-sent.
The sturdy table can be used for blogging away on the laptop while travelling...and there is a socket for the charger too! Blogging in the clouds... Hmm...
To pamper one further, #LufthansaPremiumEconomy even offers sleep masks and ear plugs to sleep undisturbed and moist towelettes and tooth brush on waking up..reminded you of the freebies in good hotels, right?
There is a big screen to watch movies/play games on and even a detachable remote to spoil you. Relax and enjoy!
Doesn't it sound like a 'paisa vasool' dream come true? I know you don't believe me. Go check out the video below and the site and see for yourself- you will end up pinching yourself to check if it is a dream! While you do that, I shall dream of traveling to Germany in the amazing premium yet economy class!

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