Our first car after marriage was a hatchback. Easily maneuverable, it offered a great driving experience. After a couple of years though, when the stork visited us and baby S arrived,everything in our world...from our house to our hatchback, shrunk in size. The poor hatchback was no match to the paraphernalia that needed to be carried along baby S. The boot space got cramped up with stuff while a lot more stood outside.
Husband dear got irritated with the pushing, piling, squeezing and fretting that preceded travel and went ahead and bought a sedan. All was well with the world again.
As the infant became a toddler and then a pre schooler, the sedan started losing its magnanimity to the increasing worldly possessions of my family.
All three of us love to travel(and by car alone) and have our own things we absolutely must carry along. So we end up not only filling up the boot space but also half the backseat as well.
Since the past six months, I have been pestering my husband to buy a SUV/MPV but none appeals to the man! Last week, we went to check out the newly launched Lodgy and to my surprise, hubby said, 'This one we can buy!'
My 6 year old was also fascinated with the vehicle( especially the cup-holder in it). 'Mommy, did you bring many money?'
'Why?' I asked, not bothering to correct her.
'I want this car, now!' she blurted.
My thoughts exactly! I was extremely glad that finally we had found a car we all loved. To our dismay, we were informed that it is not available through CSD facility yet and it might take a couple of months.
So as I patiently await its arrival, I sit and dream of how I will be able to literally take my world along with Lodgy, everywhere I go!

1) My darling hubby and his golf kit!
What would travel be without my dear husband? Right? Mr Armyman is an avid sportsman and plays a lot of games. His new found love(pretty viral in the army circles, I hear) is golf! No matter how envious the bootspace of our sedan is, it is not possible to carry a Callaway kit with the luggage.
The only remedy to my hubby's sullen face every time he leaves behind his golf kit is Lodgy. His new love can be comfortably perched in the spacious Lodgy without compromising on any other item in the luggage.
Who says pati, patni and woh can't go along?*wink wink*

2)My cheeky monkey and her strolley
My 6 year old is crazy about Barbie dolls. She has 13 of them and yet keeps asking for more. 'This one is special.' is her excuse for every new Barbie she buys. The moment I ask her to choose the ones she wishes to carry along,she acts like a mother asked to leave half her kids behind. Settling the melodrama that ensues is exhausting!
In the Lodgy,I can easily let her carry this strolley full of Barbie dolls.
With the add-on feature of flight trays, she can even have a picnic on the back seat with her dolls.

3)My laptop
Before I started blogging, the laptop was just an internet surfing device for me. Now, it is something I simply cannot do without. I am not a perennially talented writer who can write any time and all the time. I have bursts of creativity at all odd times and places and therefore need my laptop to write it all down. My laptop crashed a couple of days ago and I am writing this on a borrowed one. So you understand how relevant it for me to carry it.
Lodgy says...bring it on!
It would be so much fun to recline on the seat with the laptop on my lap and type away to glory as my hubby drives through a wonderful route! *sigh

4) Loads of awesome music
I cannot imagine a drive without some melodious music playing. Bad FM reception is a deal-breaker so I always carry my music in my smartphone and a pendrive.
The feature of MediaNav with an advanced Bluetooth and USB media console lets you connect your phone and play your music. Moreover, it also enables navigation with 3 year free map update and the rear view camera display aids in parking. Pretty amazing, don't you think?

5)My one extra pair of shoes
I am very fond of nice watches and matching shoes. Just a week ago, I bought 8 new pairs of shoes, on a whim according to my husband but I did need all those colours.(You understand that, dont you? Oh thank you!)
It is very painful for me to choose 2 or 3 pairs while travelling. You wear your best dresses on a vacation. What is the use if you cant wear the shoe with it that matches oh-so-perfectly? So that's me, always trying to fit in one extra pair of shoes.
Ah, the Lodgy has space for an entire shoe rack! God bless you Lodgy! You are a smile saver. A girl needs her shoes after all!

I am patiently waiting for the Lodgy to arrive so that I not only carry my world with me every where I go....
but to be able to carry my world in style every where I go!
Have you see the Lodgy? Take a look.

Author's note:
All the images have been taken from Renault's website except my lil' munchkin's.

“I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in
association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.”

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