Friendship day is not far away and soon everyone will gear up to celebrate it in their own individual style.
For some, it is a day of celebration with friends.
For some, it means calling up old buddies and reminiscing the times spent together.
For a few, it is a day to reflect within and grieve the absence of friends in their lives.
For the rest, it is just another day created by the Western world and promoted by commercial brands for their own advantage.
Well, whatever suits you! I love being around friends but first of all, I am my own friend too. Surprised? Don't be!
I am not 'my own favourite' as the proverbial dialogue of Bebo goes but yes, I am my friend. Are you yours? Time to think.
We somehow form a notion in our minds that thinking about our own selves is selfish and narcissist. Therefore we look outside for care, support and love. Family and friends are amazing, no doubt but you need to listen to and love your own self too! As the wise Dr Seuss put it

First of all, be comfortable in your skin.
No loneliness is greater than not being comfortable with yourself. That is the essence of self confidence. You don't need a perfect body or the perfect salary or the perfect life; you just need to be happy with yourself. The story of the bearded girl who sported her beard even on her wedding day is viral on the social media and everyone is applauding her but within ourselves, a majority of us are not happy with our bodies. Self-worth reflects in your eyes. Let them shine with confidence!

No one knows and understands you better than you
What your physical body goes through is decipherable but your mind is your sole domain. Others may try but you know for sure what you feel like,what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you require to overcome them. Trust your instincts and listen to your heart.

Respect yourself
Respect is an integral part of love and friendship. To be your own friend, you need to hold yourself in high regard. Someone can hurt you once but not again unless you allow them. Respect yourself enough to walk away from people and relationships that break or hinder you. Learn to say No. Only when you respect yourself and send the message across that you cannot be taken for granted, others will start giving you the respect you deserve.

Give yourself time
In the crazy accelerated pace of life, it is very easy to lose yourself. It is thus imperative to give yourself some exclusive 'me' time in order to retain your sanity. Meditate, read a book, listen to music, go for a walk alone....just indulge in any activity where only you accompany yourself. Not only do you attain self-realisation but also the company of your soul is very enriching and calming.

Do not ignore the inner voice
Many a times when the little voice inside you speaks up, you simply tag it as paranoia and try to shut it up. More often than not, the voice is speaking for your own good. The body gives signs of illness way before any apparent physical manifestation. Do not ignore it, you may just save yourself. Whenever your inner voice tells you that you need help, whether for a physical botheration or a mental worriment, just hear it out.

So this year, befriend yourself on
Friendship Day. Give yourself time, pamper  and love yourself. This is the first person you met in your life and the one who will be with you through everything till your last breath. In the end, whether you have anyone else around you or not, you will always have yourself!

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