In India, cricket is not a sport. It is a religion with fanatic followers who live the game. Whenever a cricket series is on, you can see abandoned streets and malls. Nothing interests us more than watching our 'gurus' and 'idols' slash the bat through the air and strike a six. Every boundary is celebrated and every wicket lost mourned.
The fever of cricket possesses our nation , especially the men with such intensity that they suffer amnesia during the period and give up on all worldly ties except cricket. Even a term has been coined for the bereaved better halves- 'cricket widows' who lose their husbands to cricket. There is another set of husbands too who cannot persuade their 'daily-soap fan' wives to give up on one episode and let them watch cricket. They then device all methods possible to confiscate the rights of TV viewership. Those who cannot do that go to a friend's place or a restaurant or even stand outside a TV shop to watch the match. You got the drift, right?
Well in our household, my husband luckily never had this problem. I am the only sister to two elder brothers who are big-time cricket fans(who isn't you say?) so I grew up watching cricket and enjoy the game. My husband and I watched all series together. Happy situation? Not for long. When Baby S entered our lives, little did we know that we shall be granted the unrestricted access to the idiot box in our house for only a year. When she turned one, she elaborately demonstrated her dominance over our lives and the household and since then what is played on the TV is determined by her. Needless to say, we are watching cartoons most of the time!
The entry of smartphones solved our problem a little. We could get score updates by searching in Google. The processor and web browsers on phones are not fast enough and the experience was just average.
My husband made a discovery that came as a boon to the cricket fans in us-UC Cricket in UC browser.
UC Browser is a super-fast browser that is a wonderful change from the default browsers available in smartphones.  It is free to download from the PlayStore and the interface is very user-friendly. You can play videos, games, access facebook and browse shopping and other sites at an amazing speed. The browser works faster and uses lesser data.
The UC Cricket feature is a must-have for every cricket fan
-who cannot wrap himself in a cocoon and stay glued to the TV set while cricket matches are on.
-whose better half is a die-hard daily soap fan.
-who has kids who have claimed exclusive rights to the TV set.
-who has a weird boss who doesn't like cricket(such people exist?)
UC Cricket has some great features:
-Live scores with auto updates. No need to refresh again and again.
-Reminders to ensure you don't miss out on any match. Just set the reminder with a single click and you will be notified even if you have exited the app.
-Videos to catch the action.
-Comment section to give your opinion and share it with others. That is my fav thing to do while watching a match-commenting!
It also hosts games and interesting contests!
I am sure a very ardent cricket fan must have come up with the idea. I have become a big fan. Do try it out.
It sure is going to let cricket fans break free from the ties of the TV and allow then the freedom to follow their favourite game from absolutely anywhere! Watch the video below and see it for yourself.

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