Just when you start thinking that technology could not be better, comes an innovation that makes you eat your own words. No it is true! When we were young, land-lines were perceived as nothing less than a magician's contraptions and people would line up outside phone booths to make calls. Then arrived mobiles that literally took over our world. Can you imagine a life without your mobile? Well, I can't! Internet connection, especially 3G, transformed a mobile from phone to smartphone. The world shrunk on to a device in our hands, giving us the freedom to access almost anything and everything. 
Right when we thought this is it, Airtel launched 4G! By doing so, it has become the first company to provide 4G to the public and how it has done it! Airtel has proved that it is a network for the masses- the lowest 4G service is being offered at Rs.25. Don't shake your head in disbelief...there is a lot more! Just read ahead...

-Free upgrade
Airtel is offering a free upgrade from 3G to 4G and is giving out free 4G sim cards. You get 4G at the price of 3G. The icing on the cake is that even home deliveries of sim cards are being made in less than 4 hours. All you need to do is place a request here

-User friendly website
Just to reinforce how convenient technology is, Airtel has also launched a website exclusively for 4G. One can easily learn more about 4G, the data plans available, the various devices for accessing the service and even whether one's mobile is 4G-ready by simply typing in and submitting one's mobile number. There is also the freedom to choose any plan or better still, create a customised one to suit one's needs. Easy? Couldn't be easier!

-The unimaginable speed 
The worst turn-off while accessing internet or streaming videos on a mobile is the round evil sign of 'buffering'. I simply don't have the patience to wait with a bated breath in front of the screen while the video makes miserable attempts to play. With 4G, I don't even think that you can bat an eyelid without missing the video you are watching. Did you see the TV commercial? A full movie downloads in just over 3 minutes? (someone please shut my wide open mouth)
See for yourself: 

The Airtel guys are even challenging that if anyone's network is faster than theirs, Airtel will pay the mobile bills for life! These guys have truly taken it to the next level.

Wait no more!
Airtel 4G puts an end to so many 'waits'(excuse the grammar)
-No wait for video streaming buffering.
-No wait for browsing.
-No fretting over poor video call quality.
-No worries of exceeding data beyond the plan.
It offers you a lightning fast network that provides solutions to all your concerns and needs literally at your fingertips.
Do you need any more reasons?
Nay! All you need is a 4G ready device, a 3G data plan and a 3G sim that will be upgraded. What are you waiting for then? Just put in a request for a free sim, I just did!
Happy browsing!

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