The world of communications has been undergoing revolution in a big way. From the advent of land line phones to mobiles and social media, the journey has been eventful and not very long. First, phones became smart and now networks have become smarter. Airtel recently launched 4G services and has become the first player to offer it to the public across 296 cities. It is keeping up its image of being a customer-focused brand as the offers that come along are truly customer friendly.

What is 4G?
It is fourth generation of telecommunication technology and the successor of 3G . It is also known as LTE i.e. Long Term Evolution and promises high speeds of browsing and video streaming.

The cost
The first thought that came to my mind when I heard the news was- 4G? Must be too expensive!
It is not. Airtel is offering 4G at the price of 3G. The plans start as low as Rs.23. This is true innovation-advancement but no inflation. Amazing!

The choices
4G is available on mobile. on dongles, wi-fi hotspots and home wi-fi devices. So you can have super-fast connectivity all the time and everywhere.
There is also a wide range of plans to choose from according to your requirements.
Feeling spoiled for choice? You should.

The speed
Airtel 4G offers internet browsing at ultra-high speeds. Data transfer speeds to the tune of 45Mbps mean extremely fast download speeds and literally zero buffering even in HD videos. Even video calling would be possible without the usual disturbances. The latest TVC claims full movie download in just about three minutes. The telecom even challenges that if your network is any faster than Airtel 4G, your mobile bills shall be paid by the telecom for life! True confidence!

Small pleasures
For the new subscribers, some value added services have been thrown in:
-six months of unlimited music streaming and download on Wynk music.
-streaming of 5 free movies/month on Wynk movies.

The ease
As an icing on the cake,Airtel is handing out free 4G sims which are only a tweet away. Just use the hashtag #GetAirtel4g and get your free sim which shall be delivered at your doorstep. What are you even thinking? Just tweet away right now! You can even request for your free sim through the dedicated website
here. The website is very informative and user friendly. Typing in your number also lets you know whether the service is available in your area or not and whether you can go for the upgrade.

I cannot think of any reason to not avail the chance. Can you? So, send the tweet and get your hands on the new definition of speedy internet access! Enjoy the ride atop digital expressway!!

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