Children today are very intelligent and smart. They are exposed to technology and knowledge at very tender ages. This exposure can be converted from a bane to a boon by using parental discretion. We don't need to shelter our kids and hide them away. That would mean taking them back to the medieval times...we don't want to do that. A prudent thing to do would be to guide them and strike a balance. That is what constructive parenting is all about.
Constructive parenting not only boosts your child's self-esteem but also makes your child confident and creative. It is not without reason that children have amazing imaginations. They can weave stories we can never even think of. As we grow up, we become a bit too realistic. Yet who doesn't love fairy tales and believe in a little magic? Right?
Today, I finally got the new Colgate toothpaste at my six year old daughter's persistence. She said she wanted to tell me a story. I was not convinced with the excuse but got it anyways. She knew well that three different sets are available in the Colgate packs, all containing different sets of characters of a fairy tale. The one I got for her was set -3. It contained a dragon, two trees, a tower with a princess, a knight and a fire-breathing dragon. It barely took her a couple of minutes (after I cut out the pieces and handed them to her) to weave a story. She floored me with the story she told and I had to request her to narrate it again and let me film it.
Watch it for yourself!

She further added to it to give it an even apt ending. Watch
My daughter brushes her teeth twice a day no doubt but I didn't know that she understood its importance so much that she named the villain as Draculaura-'the cavity witch' and the hero's weapon as Colgate. It goes to show how much our children understand. We must not underestimate them.
Her imagination and creativity made me feel proud as a mom today. I must be doing something right! Experts say that imagination is very important for cognitive development in children. Fantasy play makes children more creative, enhances social skills and even develops problem solving attitude in them.
So the next time your child weaves a story, don't dismiss it as a lie. Understand that it is your child's imagination at play which if channelized in the right direction, can work wonders.
Kudos to Colgate for inviting kids to share their magical stories!
Watch a few more!

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