I came across this contest on Blogadda and decided to let it pass as it demanded uploading a video of someone dancing to the latest Colgate Max Fresh Move song featuring Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Ask me to dance in a party with others or dance in a baraat, I will happily oblige but filming a video of myself while doing so and uploading it on the social media....well, I am not that good or confident at all.
Nevertheless, I sat listening to the song on my laptop, probably imagining what I would dance like if I could. My 6 year old daughter, who was all sleepy and unwilling to drink evening milk was lying on the bed near me. As soon as I played the song, she got all curious and wanted to watch the video. The music and the dance steps in the song are so peppy that her sleep vanished and she got up and started dancing to them. She suddenly appeared energetic and fresh. The perennial bone of contention between the two of us is waking her up from her beauty sleep-an activity I detest indulging in therefore. The sudden transformation was a pleasant surprise.
Suddenly the thought crossed my mind that I could film her instead of me. I requested her to let me film it. She said no! You can't force an unwilling child and so I sighed and resigned to fate.
She said,'No means not without make-up Mumma!' I was shocked. Did she just say that?
'And if I apply make-up, then?' I asked out of curiosity.
Her excited smile said it all.
Little Miss Highness sat on her throne dressed in attire of her choice in front of my dressing table and make-up was applied according to her wishes-compact,blusher and lip gloss. After checking herself in the mirror half a dozen times, she declared that we were good to go. I couldn't help but agree. She did look incredibly pretty.
I tried to tell her what to do but she insisted on improvising her own steps. I was quite impressed with the end result. See
here for yourself:

My daughter religiously follows the routine of brushing twice a day but I never knew Colgate Max Fresh would have her dancing too. It was fun taking part in this activity.

P.S. Now the toothpaste lies in her bathroom as she has claimed it as hers and does the 'taazgi ka dhamaka' step every time before brushing.

Author's note: “I am (my daughter is ) dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

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