Maybe it has something to do with the castles I read about so avidly in fairy tales as a child or an overdose of movies like 'The Princess Diaries' in my teens...I have forever been fantasizing the perfect home for myself. While travelling, my eyes have always been on the lookout for beautiful houses. Interior designing books and magazines are accumulating dust in my house but I refuse to do away with them...thinking I shall need them some day!
The fairy tale began well. I fell in love with Prince Charming- sounds perfect,right? The only difference is that my knight in shining armour is a knight in olive greens. Yes, he is an Army officer. Life has a truly amazing way of bringing you back to reality with a loud 'thud'! Post marriage, I entered a world where I have had many houses but not one that I can truly call my own. The 'fauji' accommodation is comfortable; spacious beyond need and every single piece of furniture is catered to by MES. You just need to pick up your bags and enter the next house at the new place of posting and you won't feel any difference. The sofas will always be red, the doors and cupboards shall be white(I have no idea why), the same kind of chairs shall be lying around the dining table and even the walls shall be painted in the same colour. The uniformity exists for comfort,for the ease of dwellers to have a sense of familiarity. But for a dreamy eyed girl like me, it gets monotonous.
I want colours in my life as well as my home- vibrant, exotic colours that lift up my mood when I come home from work. Home is the place where the best memories of life are formed and the place where you fight life's odds,hand in hand with your family as one entity.I want my house to be a reflection of the family that lives within. 'Fauji' houses have their limitations.
My husband understood my love for 'a place of my own' over the years and recently we were able to purchase a 3BHK flat in my parents' town. I don't know when I shall get to stay in it but the thought of owning a house that is mine is satisfying. The flat is still under construction which means that it is a blank canvas lying open for me to paint it in the hues I want. I can finally dream again and plan how to convert the house into a home-my home!

Wish #1: A cozy living room
I don't believe in sitting inside bedrooms and shutting doors to each other all day. Living room is the place for the family to be. I fancy a family room with a solid coloured furniture, the continuity broken with a slight splash of playful and energetic patterns. The area must be customised but should have ample space to move around as well.
A cozy sitting area with sofas and a center table for my husband and me to sit and sip coffee on while we watch our daughter paint is something I daydream of. A recliner added in to watch the 52'' LED we recently bought would be just perfect. Sigh!

Warmth seeps through the living room
Recliner is a dream come true!

Wish#2: My princess' room
My daughter takes after me I guess, as she is an ardent fan of 'princesses'. Everything she possesses, be it a pencil case or the sheet on her bed has to have a princess printed on it. I have had a hard time on many an occasion, moving from one shop to another, asking for a princess towel, a princess bicycle and what not. You get the idea,right? So naturally, the room my darling princess shall dwell in would be perfect only if it has a castle or princess theme to it.
I can already imagine her ecstasy on seeing her room and discovering the land of her dreams!

Ookie's castle for her highness!

Wish #3: A welcoming kitchen
No matter how much she is involved in cooking or not, a significant amount of time is spent in the kitchen by the lady of the house. Over years I have observed that despite the importance we Indians attach to food and cooking, the kitchen is the most neglected area in a house when it comes to planning. I dislike small, crowded kitchens. I want a kitchen that had ample natural light and ventilation. Kitchen is literally a workstation; the ergonomics should be designed accordingly.

Space,lighting & ventilation-the perfect kitchen!

Wish #4: My bedroom
A bedroom should be designed with the stuff that dreams are made of. I would love to have a bedroom (dreamy eyed) with down toned yet distinct colours. I might add in a few patterns to break the monotony. The furniture should be just enough. I don't like cluttered bedrooms. A neat one gives peace of mind and a sense of calm.
Lighting would be an important factor. One wall with lots of  windows sending in the first rays of the sun to wake me from my slumber...ah, the bliss! The artificial lights should have the option of dimming them when I retire to bed after reading a good book. After all, it is my retreat for relaxation after a long winding day!

A bedroom that is so me!

Too many dreams you say? Well, maybe yes but I just fulfilled one by buying me a house and I am pretty confident that in time, I will be able to fulfill the rest too!
I strongly believe in the power of dreams!


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