In the times when women swear by characters like 'Gopi Bahu' and discuss serials more than their actual lives, I have a confession to make- I don't watch serials. I have heard of Gopi bahu but I do not even know what channel the serial is aired on. say? Well yes,maybe 'coz the stories of addiction are rampant but my reasons are different. Though I am no fan of the camera zooming on every character's face thrice after each dialogue with a melodramatic sound in the background, yet I do like to watch a couple of things on TV when I get an access to it. No,I don't live in a far-flung area with no connectivity. I have a husband who is an ardent sports fan, Don't get it? He can watch the re-run of any match any number of times. For the few occasions that he decides not to watch a match, some comedy channel plays on our TV. I was the one who insisted on purchasing this massive 52'' TV that we have but that I seldom get to hold the remote is another matter. When the giant was delivered at our doorstep,I insisted on having it installed in the living room, citing the reason that TV should not be in the bedroom(I read in a lifestyle magazine somewhere) but actually also wanting to flaunt it. Hubby dear agreed but within a couple of months succeeded in getting the idiot box back in our room using the excuse that it was too cold to sit in the living room!
I have always liked watching shows like 'Grey's anatomy' , 'The Mentalist' and 'House'  or Hollywood rom-coms.
Though I never got to watch the shows at prime time, I somehow managed watching the re-telecasts of my fav serials when hubby wasn't around in the evenings and on Sundays when he was out playing golf. My appetite for TV-gazing was more or less satiated. Hubby was pleased with an understanding wife and the wife was gladly utilising the hours of solitude. Balance prevailed. So did joy!
When our daughter turned four, the balance shifted. The wand of power aka the remote started changing hands between the father and the daughter who were constantly duelling over it.
That is what my daughter probably believed in- just add '...and winning' to it. I of course, was completely thrown out of the equation. Gradually, I learnt all about the cartoon characters that exist today and I think I almost started enjoying watching them too but the adult in me was shouting for some 'real' stuff.
As my daughter turned six, I decided we gift her her own TV and she was presented with a 32'' LED. She was quite happy with it and hubby with his reclaimed bigger screen. I too was relieved that I could finally steal some time and watch the final season of 'House'. The joy was shortlived. It took the offspring only a fortnight to realise that viewing a 52'' was way better than 32'' and she didn't need to compromise when she could make us do it. So she shifted her headquarters and threw big tantrums. Hubby gave in and now watches his matches cramped up on the offspring's little bed in her room. I find it extremely uncomfortable and so resorted to YouTube but you don't get all of the shows there and the streaming can be painful if internet is slow. So while the two watch their 'TVs', I sit and fret in front of my laptop while my cocker-spaniel sits in the hallway and looks at all of us sitting in separate rooms and gets confused where to go.
I know it sounds weird to you and I thought it must to the Gods as well but I still prayed for a solution. A girl needs a little TV time, for goodness' sake!
Then I hear of the Tata Sky + Transfer feature. Seriously, someone just had me in mind when he came up with the idea. You really are amazing ,I looked up and said.
We are a fauji family that is always on its toes and therefore Tata Sky has been our constant companion as it provides easy relocation services all over the country. Tata Sky, with this + Transfer feature, you just earned my life-long loyalty! Now I no longer need to sigh and watch cartoons with my 'tantrum queen' or act interested while my husband cheers Manchester United. Ah! The taste of freedom! I will get to watch my own  MY OWN shows!


I need no longer be the ábla naari', the forever sacrificing 'ma'...okay maybe I am overdoing it a bit but seriously, I can't tell you how excited I am! This feels liberating,literally!
I just went through the site and discovered how simple the entire process is.
-Get a Tata Sky + Transfer set top box. You know that one of course. What you don't know is that you can upgrade to it too! Super!
-Connect the set top box and your mobile/tab to the home Wi-Fi. Yes, the transfer takes place through no data cost.
 -Download the app and log in with your subscriber ID. The app is available both on PlayStore and iOS.
-Activate the transfer pack in your account.
-Transfer the selected show to the mobile/tab.
-Open the transfer section in the app and watch to your heart's content! I am surely going to go bonkers watching 'House' back to back! Or maybe, 'The Mentalist' too...yes and ...Oh my list is long!
Well, that is how I intend to use the TataSky + Transfer feature but the more fortunate ones of you who don't have to wait in queue for an access to the remote also have reasons to celebrate.
Imagine having the option of watching your favorite show while waiting for the bus.
You won't miss out on any match 'çoz you are buying the groceries your wife threatened you not to enter the house without.
The wait outside a dentist can be a drag. What if you could spice it up with a crime thriller on your tab?
Now you have the option of entertaining yourself with something other than games and social media on your mobile. This is the new big thing in mobile entertainment.
While I daydream and await the arrival of my TataSky+Transfer set top box, you go check out the TVC below. It is very amusing.

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