Since the day we purchased a 3BHK, I have been longing to see it constructed and design and decorate the interiors in my own style. I have been living in fauji accommodations since I got married eight years ago and I have had too many white walls around me. Once my house is built up, I will have all colours except white!
I believe a house resonates the nature of its owner and the walls speak volumes of the dweller's choice. Therefore I will choose the colours myself and have already told the builder . But it was so difficult to visualise the colour schemes in my mind. The question 'What if the rest of the room doesn't match with the walls?' loomed large and I was worried. Browsing the net, I came across and it truly felt God-sent. The Paint Finder section is extremely useful. I had a fun time trying various colours and themes for the various rooms in my house and the results felt so 'me'!
Let me share them with you:

1) My bedroom
My bedroom shall be my husband's and my space. I want the place to be clutter free, yet warm and full of life. The colour on the walls should be bright but gender-neutral. What would be better than dusky lavender? It is a colour known to be exotic,sensorial and romantic. Sigh! Violet Scream shade looks so welcoming!

screenshot 1

2) The living room
The living room is where the family spends most of its time. I want it to have a view of the outside and a theme inside that carries the outdoors with it. So the lemon cooler theme appealed to me for the room. The mix fruit green shade gives the walls a feel of life and is soothing on the eyes as well. I believe it is the perfect choice!

3) The dining area
Aged beige is my choice for the dining area. The theme is all about timelessness and class. Add to it a grandfather's clock and a wooden cabinet and the look would be complete. I choose the subtle shade as I feel that there should be a sense of calm and ease around the area where the family sits together and eats.

4)My daughter's room
My daughter's room is the place which I love designing. I strongly feel that children should be in a space that encourages dreams and imagination. Mine believes herself to be a princess and I love treating her like one. In her own words, a princess' castle is pink in colour. It is some unsaid rule in her land of princesses. Therefore 'pink juice' shade of the dusted pink theme shall be just apt. Don't you agree?

I have my choice of walls all planned out. Now I am just waiting to execute it.
The best part of the Paint Finder is that it not only helps you visualise the colour you want but also lets you know the quantity of paint needed. Paint me wild really had me go wild with colours and when you have so much freedom to choose and re-choose and decide at your wish what shades you want on the walls, why not?
Every room has a different purpose and spirit attached to it. Therefore, I chose different themes and colours for all of them. After all, that is what home and family are all about- unity in diversity!!

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