Comedy is acting out optimism!
                                                                                           -Robin Williams

So true! It is so much fun to sit back and watch comedy movies/serials and forget the seriousness of the world and its matters. Somewhere in this race of life, we have stopped looking at little things and celebrating small joys. Seldom do we smile and the little we do is only in 'lol' and emoticons on social media. It seems like we need to be taught to laugh again!

Laughter is infectious and truly works as a therapy. Yet, comedy is a very serious art. It is easier to make people cry than to make them laugh. This art though, is not a new thing in India. It dates back to times immemorial and has been documented in various tales; the favourite being the witty stories of Akbar and Birbal. The present brigade of comedians has taken comedy to a new level i.e. stand-up comedy. It is nerve wrecking to stand on stage in front of a room full of people and make them crack up with laughter. You risk ridicule when you step up and only those will nerves of steel have the guts to do stand-up comedy. We have some very talented people in the field at present- Kapil Sharma, Vir Das, AIB(of course!) and Kanan Gill being the prominent ones. I personally am a big fan of stand-up comedy. These guys find humour in simple things and day-to-day is all about perspective I guess! This talent is still not fully tapped in our country and a lot of potential lies undiscovered.

UB group has come up with an extremely unique website which covers all aspects of living in style- music, night-life, party hot-spots, fashion tips and celebrity news. It even has a dedicated column for stand-up comedy. The section tells you all about the art, right from its history to the process of creating a script, setting up a YouTube channel, shoot breakdown and final editing. I never knew how much hard work went into creating comedy till I went through the website. Respect!
There is also a Comedy Hunt running on the site wherein budding stand up comedians can send their entries and get a chance to be mentored by the stalwarts and compete to win the title of Comedy Hunt Champion. This is a great opportunity for those with a 'funny' bone and if you are one of them, hope you did not miss it!
Another section on the site that I absolutely loved was the drinks section. It has a full page on cocktails and you can learn how to create some really quirky and innovative cocktails using easily available ingredients. The options seem endless and will surely add a twist to the next party I host *wink wink*
If you love stand-up comedy...go check out the site.
If you love hosting parties....go check out the site.
If you are a music lover.....yes, go check out the site.
If you need party tips.....exactly, go check out the site.
To cut it short, if you love living in style, you have to check out the site!

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