Hand in hand, fingers entangled...
Gazes locked with each other.
Fleeting touch or a little smile
The essence of being together!

In a time not very long ago, this quote held its relevance. Now though, it has become irrelevant. While the human race cherishes its dominance over machines, it has actually become a slave to it. The fingers are no longer entangled with those of the loved one but rather hold a tiny device that has taken over the present world. Seldom does anyone notice the surroundings any more, beautiful or ugly, as the eyes are glued to screens of laptops and tablets and mobiles. The only touch everyone seems concerned about is of the touchscreen phone. We read more 'lol's than we see people smiling at each other. The technology that was created to bring people closer is rather creating distances between the people who are close.
Don't we need to wake up from this digital slumber and live in the real world again? Before we forget what stopping and smelling the roses means, should we not just pause and reconsider our choices?
I truly believe that a mass digital de-addiction drive needs to be initiated. I don't really know about influencing others but I have committed to myself to form true associations in the real world.
Sharing with you steps towards digital detoxification:

Step-1 Just stop!
Just switch off the devices for a day and see what you miss! Trust me, at the end of the day you won't really have missed a lot but I am sure you will have discovered many new things you were missing out on.
I don't mean that we must give up on digital gadgets. What I mean is that doing it just for a day will make us realize their real worth and we will be able to use them rationally.

Step-2 Go real!
Try and revisit your school days. It was so much fun to go out with friends, right! Try and keep at least one evening a week to go out and meet friends/relatives. Real togetherness is actually spending time with loved ones. A lol can make you smile but only a friend's company will make you laugh your heart out.

Step-3 Make memories, not a gallery!
When I go to a café, a mall, a beautiful location...simply anywhere...I see girls pouting and taking selfies. Couples are taking turns clicking pictures. I don't see anyone absorbed in the moment, taking in the beauty of nature or truly enjoying. In my daughter's cultural event at school, I saw all the parents holding up their mobiles to make videos while the school authorities kept on requesting that video was already being shot and would be handed over to everyone. You took time out to be there for your child but it is not real togetherness if you are not cheering like crazy for her. She doesn't need a video, she needs encouraging parents.
Be there, not only physically but in spirit for your family. Make memories!

Step-4 Do things together!
It is very easy and tempting to play a video game with your child but that doesn't really count as doing things together. We are still lucky that there are green spaces and open areas to visit. I feel we must expose our children to the love of nature. Go cycling together, play in the yard or go for walks. It will not only give you the exercise you need but will also give you a chance to bond with your child. Grab the chance at real togetherness!

Step-5 Own your life!
We do need mobiles and tablets and computers and all the innovations of technology. All that needs to be done is to understand where use exceeds rationale and becomes an addiction. Don't let the digital world run your life; use it for your convenience and be the boss!

See how a small red cap got an entire neighborhood to discover the joy of
#real togetherness! Watch the video-I loved it!

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