You can never be too careful with babies.With the winters knocking at our doors, we must gear up to face the harsh cold, All of with little babies in your laps must be worried about the season. Don't fret; baby skin care is not that difficult if you have the right knowledge. So read on and arm yourself to fend away winter woes.
Besides the general principles that you must follow in baby skin care during winters, remember to bear in mind:

1.Hydrate and moisturise
Hydration of the body is as important as moisturisation of the skin. Ensure proper and exclusive breast feeding if the baby is less than 6 months; encourage fluid intake for babies over 6 months of age.
Moisturise the skin with natural oils or baby reliable baby products that contain the least chemicals.
Take care of the little one's lips and nose as well as these two are predisposed to dryness and chapping in harsh winters.
If you use a heater or blower, make sure to invest in a humidifier as well as heaters dry the air.

2.Be cloth-wise
The temptation to bundle up your baby in thick clothes is irresistible, yet refrain! While gearing up your baby to face the winters, keep the following in mind:
- Layering is the key. Add more layers rather than making the baby wear one thick sweater or jacket.
You can take off one/add another if the weather changes during the day.
- First layer touching the skin must be of cotton.
- Never make your baby wear a new cloth without first washing it.

3.Identify trouble
Even if you are not a doctor, you must understand a few common skin conditions so that you know when you need to see a doctor and when to manage at home.
Birthmarks-are common. They may be present when the baby is born or may appear sometime later. They are no cause for concern and you just need to ignore them.
Eczema-is a red, itchy rash that may occur anywhere on the baby's body,even the face. It is usually a reaction to a trigger. It is important to identify the trigger and avoid it. Use mild soaps for the baby and gentle detergents for clothes to prevent it.
Dry skin- Some babies suffer from extremely dry skin that looks parched despite moisturisation. Consult the doctor who will prescribe a suitable emollient.
Prickly heat-Small red bumps can occur even in winters if the baby is too bundled up. Make the baby wear loose fitting clothes that let the skin breathe.
Sunburn-is common in babies if exposed to direct sun. Avoid direct exposure and keep the baby covered in loose clothing and big hats. If mild sunburn occurs, use cold cloth on the area 2-3 times a day. If severe, consult the doctor.
Diaper rash- Bad choice of diapers/ over-indulgence results in rashes in the diaper area which are both itchy and painful for the baby. Choose a diaper wisely. Go for softest possible ones. Take Pampers for instance. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton like softness is
#SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby's skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. Give your baby diaper-free time as well.

4. Say no to Talcum
Baby's skin is very soft and delicate. You don't need to dust talcum for the baby to smell nice. Babies smell nice otherwise too. Talcum does more harm than good.
It dries up the skin and clogs pores,especially in the skin folds. The tiny particles that float in air when you dust the powder enter baby's lungs and can cause allergies/trigger asthma if the baby suffers from it.
Simply do not use talcum!

5.Less is more
For baby skin care, always remember-'less is more'. Do not overdo anything.
-Do not soak baby's skin in water while bathing for too long. It may cause loss of moisture.
-Do not use too many products on the baby's skin.
-Do not wipe the skin too many times, including the baby's bottom.

Follow these simple tips to keep your baby's skin irresistibly soft and cuddly. After all, there is  a reason we use the tern-baby soft!

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