From autocracy to democracy, the world is now paving way for technocracy-a system of governance where decision making is based on technological knowledge. Digital India and e-governance are India's steps towards the same. This evolution occurred along with that of the landline to a smartphone-probably the fastest evolution ever!

The small device aka second skin to our hands, has been instrumental in the rise of technology and a new way of life. Initially, smartphones were mostly  'neighbour's envy' as they were too expensive. Then Micromax entered the scene and redefined affordable technology. No doubt, it is today the second-largest phone maker. Micromax empowered the nation with smartphones; see how everything changed!

Smart phone-your personal assistant
The youth are learning to use mobile phone as a personal assistant. Incredibly, the assistant automatically upgrades to a more efficient one periodically, latest being Android M. The mobile is an alarm, a planner, a mini-TV and even a laptop, besides its obvious calling functions. I think it's great that one device can replace so many. It helps you fix appointments, book tickets, make presentations and excel sheets. It lets you multi-task and save time.
You do lose the beauty quotient in this assistant as compared to a real one but then, you can't have it all, right
Students- 4G faster
With the advent of 4G, browsing internet and streaming videos has become faster than imagination. Earlier you could start buffering a video and finish three things before it started. Now you blink and you miss the video! Octacore processors are adding edge to the speed.
Youth today are making the most of internet. Instead of writing notes, they're watching videos on the subjects. Some may feel it depletes them of analytical thinking but I feel it is easier to learn by watching than reading.
Anything less than 4G-say 'no ji!'

Appyness quotient
Convenience is directly proportional to the type of apps in your smart phone. Of course some just have Candy Crush and the likes of it installed but most know how to choose wisely.
-GPS lets you know your exact location ;so you never have to ask paan waalas for directions.
-Social media apps( FB and Watsapp) have brought the world together and Earth has become one big social network. Strangely, the last place I worked at didn't discourage use of Watsapp. They instead created work groups on it. I could never understand whether my boss would be happy to see my 'last seen at' or get angry over it.
-Young mothers have webcams installed at their houses and integrated with their smartphones.
-Schools have apps that let you track not only your children's progress but also their physical location while travelling to and fro in school bus.
I did say 'Çhoose wisely!'

Cameras & selfies
I do agree that some percentage of youth is going overboard with the selfie craze. Nevertheless, it is amazing that you can click a picture and be a part of it as well( a thing you could only imagine earlier unless you had gorilla-long arms or Baba Ramdev's flexibility). The high definition of smartphone cameras puts 'just cameras' to shame. The photo editing apps add charm to photography!
Self(ie) obsession needs self control!

Yes, there is a downside to smartphone technology as well and the fear of addiction and blurring of lines between reality and virtual world loom large but then every boon must be enjoyed with responsibility. The youth of the nation is learning and I am sure these #Technocrats will soon master the art of using technology responsibly and make the world a better place!

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