Today when the clock strikes 12 at night, the whole world shall welcome and view the advent of a new year-2016. Time is an amazing thing-it just goes on at the same pace. Nothing hastens, nothing hampers. The time we spent yesterday became a memory today, whether good or bad; the time of present is the life we are living at this moment; the time of future, tomorrow, with its hopes and wishes, keeps us going.
The first and the last days of a year are magical. They make us reflect on the 365 days gone by while inspiring us for the coming ones. I am looking back today too, at the paths I crossed and the ones I did not. My footprints are all that is left behind, but they do have a tale to tell- the tale of the year that was.
A year back, on the last day of the year before this, I had made a new year resolution for the first time and I am proud to say at the end of this year, I did fulfill it.
Do one new thing every year.

An author was born!
January came upon my life as a harbinger of creative satiety. My first ever story was published by Indireads as a part of an anthology-
Voices:Old & New. There is no satisfaction as the one of seeing your name as an author....for a writer at least. The incredible thing was that the story was my first attempt at story writing and was chosen from among numerous entries.
I came in touch with seasoned bloggers and writers I was sharing space with in the anthology. It was truly an enriching experience. The Twitter account I had once made and then left to rust became alive again as I begged friends to tell me how to use it when I was asked to take part in the live launch party of the book on Twitter.

Inception of my blog
I had never voyaged through the world of blogging but when I was asked, after the story got published, by readers that they wanted to read more of my work and if I had a blog, I tried to understand what a blog really is. With a couple of tips from a dear friend, who is a seasoned blogger and also a fellow-army-wife, Aditi, I embarked on the journey of blogging in the month of February. I never knew it would be this adventurous and thrilling. In less than a year, I have tasted recognition, in the form of small and big rewards for blogging. felt satisfaction by penning on social causes, and even earned some moolah by writing for brands. Where the Hell was I all these years?

Friendships earned
This outgoing year, I made new friends who shall remain so forever and not just acquaintances. Dehradun turned out to be a lucky place for me and my family. I made friends at unexpected places and with unexpected people, but as I said, I made true friends.
I found friends at my workplace, at my husband's; some were too senior, in age as well as heirarchy,while others were too young. I realised that friendship is a relationship that is magical and transcends differences of all sorts. I even came back in touch with my school time buddies, thanks to Watsapp. Those innocent friendships are so true and ever-lasting! With friends around, even little occasions call for celebrations, so the year saw me partying hard and last new year's eve was truly a blast!

Family time & travel
The year comprised of memorable moments spent with family and loved ones. My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary and the entire family got together at Mussourie to celebrate the landmark. Interestingly, my parents anniversary falls on 14th February!
We travelled to Naintal, an immensely beautiful hill station, and to Chila Forest Reserve, a nature getaway. I believe that travel enriches the soul and am truly lucky to have found a life-partner who equally shares the love. Now our six-year-old does too. I sure hope our car loves it as well, for we hop in unannounced at any time and take her for really long drives. I stopped counting the number of times we traveled to Mussourie, for it was only a 40-minute drive from our place and we oft drove to Chic Chocolate for a cup of coffee or the famous Char Dukaan for pancakes.

Heartaches & Goodbyes
In case you're thinking the year was all joy, you are wrong. It brought along its share of heartaches.
Husband dear got posted again and to a location I could not accompany him. So we packed our bags and baggage and the truly happy family got divided again, for the next two years or so. I had to bid farewell to the beautiful city of Dehradun and all the wonderful friends there.
Our pet of eight years, an adorable cocker spaniel, passed away suddenly, without so much as a chance to say goodbye.
I took up a new job in a new place and realised that juggling work and child all on my own was tougher than I had expected. The job too turned out to be over-demanding and bereft of respect. I left it without a second thought.
Support lacked where I expected it from and I was left wondering over the meaning of relationships. The year that had started on a positive note seemed ridden with negativity all around.

The silver lining
Among the smiles and tears, I realised that the year taught me a lot and I maybe have a saner head on my shoulders now than I did a year ago. Some wisdom that I am carrying with me as I step out of this year to the next:
- It is never too late to pursue your passions. Grab the first chance you get to take up the hobby you let go of for your studies, career or family commitments. You will find the time if you possess the zeal!
- Learning new things makes you feel young and capable of change. It also lets you enrich your personality and explore new avenues.
- Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. You must be selective in choosing them but once you do, cherish them and keep them close to your heart.
- Some beings enter your life for a short time and shower you with unconditional love. Do not grieve their loss, cherish the memories!
- No job is above self-respect and sometimes walking out is not cowardice, but the most sensible step forward in life.
-Certain bridges are better burnt, for there is nothing but disappointment on the other side. It is useless trying to please everyone.
- Children are precious and whatever time you get to spend with them is never enough for they grow up so fast! Though I don't plan to become a stay-at-home mom, the sabbatical gave me an opportunity to be with my daughter and enjoy her childhood.

I also learnt another important fact- It is of no use to regret and waste time over the choices made and the decisions taken. It is natural to feel anguish over them but it is important to let go of regret soon else it becomes an ankle load and restricts your movement forward.
Therefore, I resolve to enter the new year with only the wisdom of the past year. The worries and regrets can stay behind. The skies are vast and limitless, I don't plan to carry any burdens that limit my flight.
I hope the coming year brings lots of cheers for everyone and no problems that can't be tackled! Cheers!!

Author's note: ā€œIā€™m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.ā€
Do let me know how 2015 fared for you and what are your resolutions for the coming year.

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