As I grew up watching and awing over Star Wars, I never knew I would be living them one day. Surprised? Well, don't be. Having a child in the house is nothing less than Star Wars; you get the Jedi and Sith together, packaged in the form of an adorably cute little person and you constantly fight to eliminate the Sith and bask in the glory of the occasional moments when the Jedi takes over. Being a parent is apparently an intergalactic experience too!
HP has always come up with innovative, out-of-the-box ideas but I am literally swept away by its
Star Wars Special Edition notebook. It is like a dream come true for any Star Wars fan. I still remember the crude shoe boxes I used to convert into spaceship consoles to enact the scenes. It is like someone took a magic wand and converted it into a notebook-a dream machine!
The question asked was-' If I had the notebook, how would I use it to show my fun side?' Well, if I had it, I would probably go into hibernation for a month and spend some exclusive time with it, browsing through the awesome Star Wars content to MY heart's content, and then when I come out of it, I would chronicle the 'Star Wars' in my home- the ultimate ode to parenting and Star Wars. And that I would do that with a new-found fixation-cartoons! I am making do with pen and paper at present but I can't even imagine what all I could do with a notebook as good as the HP Special Edition!!!
For now, with the excitement equivalent to that of an eight-year-old who has been told to write what she would do if she got all the Barbies in the whole wide world, let me give you a glimpse of how I would re-invent blogging if I actually got my hands on the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook.

The Force Awakens

It all began when the Force entered my life six years ago, in the shape of a cute little bundle of joy and I thought for once that life would never be the same again with the arrival of an angel in our midst. Truly, life has NEVER been the same!
The Force, a.k.a my baby, 'awakened' at all un-Godly hours and I was left sleep-deprived, feed-fatigued and battle worn at the end of each day.
By the way, did I tell you the themed notebook bears battle worn distressed design, imparting it a look of having travelled through galaxies in search of its 'rightful' owner?
I wear my 'mommy' battle scars with pride, just like the notebook does!

Do or do not. There is no try!
After a session of frustration, I'm-no-good-at-this feeling and a visit to the doctor to confirm whether my baby was normal, I closed my eyes and thought of Yoda's wisdom.

With a new found confidence, I stopped worrying and lived it up one day at a time and slowly realised that the fight to be a good parent has no fixed rules. You learn them as you battle every day. There is no parenting manual. You learn how to handle a bawling baby by handling one actually. No advice helps. Every child is unique. How such tiny creatures produce such a loud noise, I seriously wonder! Mine calmed down only when I played songs on my mobile and rocked her back and forth. Talk about personal choice!
Did I tell you the notebook boasts of B & O dual speakers for a bold sound experience seldom found in ordinary notebooks? But then, there is nothing ordinary in this one.

Revenge of the Sith
As the baby became a toddler, she acquired a mind of her own which, as I mentioned earlier, oscillated between being a Sith and a Jedi. The days she chose the former were no less arduous than an armed conflict. She started experimenting with me as her subject and testing my patience was probably the goal of the study. Every time I was on the verge of losing it, she would break into a giggle or wet my face with kisses. Kids have the most powerful weapons in the whole universe and the Force is always with them.
She still dons her 'Sith' avatar at times, the only difference being that the giggles have been replaced with

Little does she realise that using Han Solo's famous dialogue against her Star Wars struck mother also amounts to emotional blackmail.
The keyboard of the notebook too comes alive with a red backlight, as if illuminating its inner Sith.

Attack of the clones quotes
I too use the famous quotes of Star Wars series more than frequently but oh so sub-consciously. It is as if they are deeply imbibed in my mind just like the awesome Star Wars content imbibed in the HP notebook in the form of Star Wars Command Centre, a portal that leads you to about 1100 images and illustrations from Lucasfilms archives.
After a fresh visit from my friend who has two chubby, perfectly obedient children, I was sitting and wondering how she managed to raise her kids so, while my darling daughter was staring at the cup of milk in front as if it were an alien. I suddenly said to her,

She just gave me a weird stare and it was only when my husband burst out laughing that I realised what I had just said. But I do find it disturbing, true!
Another time, when after a failed negotiation, I agreed to prepare noodles for my kiddo, albiet with a lot of vegetables, she started picking up the noodles one by one with her fingers to avoid the veggies. 'Use the force, Luke!' I said.
'The fork you mean? And where do I look?' she looked puzzled. Only a true Star Wars fan would understand. She hasn't graduated to it yet.
This video here keeps me motivated though!

All the stuff that we Star Wars fans dream of, is in the HP Special Edition notebook. It even has a collection of Star Wars e-books and comic collection. Santa seems to have come in the shape of HP notebook this Christmas season!

Power of the dark side
You can never under-estimate the power of the dark side, really. You would know too if you had a six-year-old like me.
- The toast has to be just dark enough. I think I can come up with a shade card of different degrees of toast-dark.
-Chocolate milk has to be the right dark too. If I happen to make it a wee bit darker or lighter, the mug of milk meets the wrath of the little one that matches the Darth Vader if doesn't exceed.
- The room at night has to be just the right dark too else you are faced with trouble
'It 's too dark mum. I am scared!'
'It is too bright mumma. I can't sleep!'
It reminds me of an advertisement I watched on TV- 'Mere waala pink!'
I have now become an expert on the dark side, well almost!

The dark side....revealed!

The HP notebook reminds you of the power of the dark side as you are greeted by an image of Kylo Ren on the screen, as if saying,' I am immune to the light!'

Return of the Jedi
Parenting is not all battle. There are days when you get to reap the rewards too. No matter how mischievous and trying my daughter gets, she makes it all seem worthwhile when she hugs and kisses me and says that she loves me. Or when she rushes to wrap her arms around me to cry when she is feeling bad about something. These moments of unadulterated and sincere love that only your child can have for you, make you realise how lucky you are to be a parent. The little Jedi has a heart of gold that can melt mine and make me forget every stress in the world.

And at night, when the Jedi sleeps peacefully and I kiss her, I feel more resolved and proud.
After all,

A new hope
I long to get my hands on the Star Wars notebook and do everything with a Star Wars swag:
- Be greeted by an image of Kylo Ren on the 15.6-inch display.
- Have access to Star Wars command centre.
- Chronicle the wars in my home in the Star Wars style using the pictures and quotes and cartoons, with the 7-hour battery life backing me up.
- Publish it on my blog using the Intel core i5 processor.
- Be notified by R2-D2 about an email regarding comments on the post.
- Trash the unwanted items in the Death Star themed recycle bin.
-And probably type my diary entries in Aurebesh font.
Till then, I better grab my lightsabre and arm myself to face the day. Another edition of Star wars is about to begin in my home as my daughter awakens.

Meanwhile, you go and watch the video below and #AwakenYourForce !

Author's note: The pictures are sourced from Star Wars and HP official websites. The weird cartoons are mine!

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