In Indian households, it is very difficult to refrain from indulgence in sweets. We all have a sweet tooth and the wedding season tempts it all the more. A couple of years back, I tried to cut down on sugar and sweets, to lose my post-pregnancy weight and to restrict my husband's diet who has diabetic parents. It was agonising to exert immense self-control and the moments when either one of us gave in to the temptation were full of guilt. There had to be a mid-way; I just needed to find it!
I had the notion that sugar substitutes could only be used in tea/coffee but then I discovered Sugarfree Natura. It is made of sucralose which is a non-nutritive sweetener and is not ingested by the body. So you get the sweet taste minus the calories- the equation can't be better! Since that day, we chucked the 'no sweet' regime and switched over to 'the sugarfree sweet' one. I was able to come back to my original weight and my husband too began to treat his sweet tooth without fear.
Everything that can be cooked with sugar can be cooked with Sugarfree. I love baking and both my hubby and my daughter are fond of the cakes I bake. I bake cakes with sugar for my daughter for she is the 'picky' eater and I try to smuggle into her all the calories I can. I can't do the same for hubby and baking two cakes at the same time is not that much fun. Therefore I bake quick sugarfree cupcakes for him while the princess of course gets the traditional cake and she wants a different shape every time.
Here I am sharing with you the recipe of sugarfree cupcake-in-a-cup.

All purpose flour(maida) - 4tb
Cocoa powder                  - 2tb
Sugarfree Natura              - 5spoons(spoon included in the box)
Baking powder                 - 1/4 tb
Baking soda                      - a pinch
Milk                                   - 3tb
Oil                                      - 3tb
Vanilla essence                 - 3 drops


Take maida in a glass cup.

Add cocoa powder.

Add Sugarfree Natura. 

To this, add baking powder and baking soda.
Mix well.

Add milk, oil and vanilla essence.

Mix it uniformly.

Keep the cup inside a microwave and microwave on high for 2 mins.

Take it out. Your cup-cake is ready.
Serve it in the cup itself.
Bake it in a it in a cup!

Sweet tips:
1) You can customise the cup-cake by adding in your little twists:
-You may add choco-chips to the batter.
-You can pour chocolate syrup over the prepared cake.
-Sprinklers can be added to make the cake look more tempting.

2) Always use only the spoon present inside the box of Sugarfree Natura to measure. You can alter the amount according to your preference for sweetness.

3) Do not let the cup-cake stand in the microwave after 2 minutes or it will turn hard.

This recipe helps me bake quick cup-cakes my husband and I enjoy with coffee without the pangs of guilt or the compromise on sweetness.

Go on and try it. You can thank me later!

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