Considering the pace at which fossil fuels are running out, the balance needs to shift towards renewable energy sources so that we can hand over the reins of the world to the next generation without guilt in our hearts. Out of the renewable sources available like solar energy, hydro energy and geothermal energy, the one worth mentioning is wind energy. Most of us may not know but India is the fifth largest producer of wind energy in the world.
Let us try and understand what wind energy is all about.

What is wind energy?
Wind energy is energy obtained by harnessing the power of air through wind mills and wind turbines. The traditional wind mills and the modern, sophisticated wind turbines have blades that move with the wind. The blades are connected to shafts which are also set in motion and kinetic energy is generated. This kinetic energy can be converted into electricity and utilised to meet the need for power.

Why wind energy?
-It is a form of energy that is pollution free as no pollutants or radiations are emitted. No greenhouse gases are released as well.
-It can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and we may be able to save some for the future generations.
-Wind is a never-ending source of energy, therefore as renewable as possible. Moreover, wind is free!
-It is even cost-effective as compared to other sources of energy.
-It can be utilised for the rural areas of India where there is no electricity. Bio gas plants are common in our villages but they are coupled with smoke and pollution. Wind mills don't take up too much area and can be set up in agricultural lands.

The challenges
After reading this, you must be wondering- what is the problem then? Why not switch over to wind energy all together? Though wind energy definitely is a fast growing sector, there still are a few challenges to be overcome.
-Wind cannot be predicted. To fully tap the resource,there is need of non-turbulent flow of wind without sudden bursts or lows.
-Grid connectivity- The places of generation are usually far away from cities and there lies a problem of grid connectivity to transmit power.

Where do we stand?
There has been an increasing awareness in both the government and private sectors regarding the need of renewable energy sources so as to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the associated pollution.
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is set towards tapping wind energy to the maximum. The wind energy sector aims to reach 60,000 MW capacity with the help of the government. The Ministry has drafted National Offshore Wind Energy Policy for setting up off-shore wind plants and India has abundant coastline so it makes good sense.

Why do we need to think?
The government is doing its job so why do we need to bother? I say, why not?
- The air of big cities like Delhi is getting polluted day by day due to fossil fuel emissions. What is the future if pollution doesn't reduce?
-No one can neglect global warming and rising sea levels. Heck, it is December and I am still not wearing woollens. The temperature changes are not normal.
-The disruption of the ecosystem is destroying flora and fauna and many species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction.
We all are being affected by the imbalance created and therefore when it is affecting our lives, it should affect our thinking too. Real change comes only when the people of a nation are aware.
Wind energy is clean energy and
#GreenEnergy. Let us support it and gift our children a healthier and greener planet!


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