I am generally a very peppy, energetic person but that doesn't mean I don't suffer the lows. I do and then, everything seems blue and gloomy. It is but natural to feel miserable at times; it doesn't categorise you as an unhappy person. Despite that, the feeling of despair is a bad companion. So just take a deep breath and remember:

There are a few things that help me to get back my peppy self. Try them; might work for you too:

1. Talk to yourself
When you are feeling low, it is very easy to generalise the misery and feel that everything in your life is going wrong. Remind yourself that you are just having a bad day and it shall soon go away. Do not fall into the abysmal pit of self-despair.

2. Get out
Just wear your sneakers and go out for a walk or a jog. Try going to a place that is away from traffic unless you want to strain your nerves further,trying to dodge the unruly vehicles.
Nature is a great healer and working out releases endorphins- the feel-good factors in our body.

3. Play with your pet
This is a sure shot stress-buster if you are a pet-lover, that is. Canines go crazy when you shower them with love and they will return the emotion a zillion times over. Their crazy antics will surely shy away your blues.

4. Listen to music
When I say that, I mean carefully selected music. Listen to motivational or peppy numbers and dance if you will. Do not listen to ghazals or sad romantic ones that make you want to sit and cry, given the mood you are already in.

5. Release the negativity
I do it by writing. I find it very cathartic, but everyone does not write. So do your thing, whatever it is. Call up an old friend, tell him what you are feeling or go shout atop your terrace or talk to the mirror...just get it out of your system. You will feel lighter and relieved.

6. Try eating a chocolate
Chocolate is a natural mood enhancer. Eat a bar or a brownie. Drink a chocolate shake. You won't find a better excuse to eat a chocolate.

7. Clean out your room
Sounds strange? It works though. Cleaning out your room/house makes you throw away the unnecessary things that you no longer need and feels akin to throwing away the unnecessary thoughts occupying your mind. Clean environs make you feel good and your family will be happy over it too. So why not?

8. Pamper yourself
Go for a spa, a mani/pedi or simply a haircut. For me, even applying a peppy shade of nail polish or lipstick does the trick. When you look good, you naturally feel good too.

9. Take a break
We are so bogged down by timelines that our own expectations of ourselves make us feel like failures.
Go easy on yourself; it won't be a catastrophe if you don't meet a deadline or two. Your own peace of mind is important too.

10. Love yourself
It is very important to love and respect your own self. Your own image of yourself determines how confident and happy you are. Set realistic goals and know your worth.

As Dr Suess rightly put it...

Stay happy; stay healthy! It is a good life!!

Author's note: This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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