I belong to the land of bounty, where moderation is not the way of life. We do not believe that excess is ever gross, rather anything less than too much is too little. You guessed it right! I am from Punjab, a proud Punjabi! We believe in living life king-size and for us, zero is not a figure. The Punjabi culture has a deep impact on the natives as well as anyone who comes in contact  with it. It is very easy to identify a Punjabi in any part of the world as we have very peculiar habits  a signature style.

1-We love playing host and staunchly believe that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. We therefore insist on feeding our guests, even if they are full till the esophagus.

2-We are happy people. The key to our happiness is sanu ki?It is of course a different matter that it is usually spoken only after we have gossiped about an hour or so about a hot topic.
Our happiness quotient can be gauged from the fact that many well-known comedians today are from Punjab, who are making the whole world laugh. One Punjabi has even laughed his way to fame, literally!!

3-Bikes are spelled as B-U-L-T and silencers are for the weak hearted. We are proudly loud and whispers do not exist in our world.
Our love for being loud resounds in our music too. Remember the song....'Woofer tu meri...main tera amplifier' ?

4-For us, 'Caneda returned' is a qualification that surpasses all others and runs ahead, especially in the matrimonial race.

5-We are broad-minded people who welcome all foreign nationals, languages and cultures.
The dooran and windowain of our houses are always open to guests.

6-Attending a  shaadi without booze and tandoori chicken is considered as an arduous task that must be completed for the sake of social pressure. One which abounds in both is a true celebration.

7-We do not believe that our children are ever overfed or overweight. Irrespective of the waist size, they are perceived as kamzor and forcibly fed.

8-We can eat chickpeas with almost anything in the world- kulchey chholey, bhature chane, bheega kulcha, samosa chane, satpura chane, chawal chane....and the list continues.

9-Peg measurers are cheap antics of misers. We don't believe in rationing out drinks. A four finger size constitutes a Patiala peg, irrespective of the size or shape of the glass.

10-We are emotional people. Some may call it being dramatic....but refer to point no.2... saanu ki?

11-We can perform bhangra on any music....when I say any, I mean it! We love to dance...especially in weddings.

12-We love colours. You shall find all the vibrant ones in the palette of our wardrobes and even our cars.

13-We have inspired some very interesting songs like 'Bolo tara rara' and 'Lak tunnu tunnu'. Our hot favourite in any party though is,'Ishq tera tarpave'.

14-We love to give an English touch to every name in the household. Jasminder is Jimmy...Shergill is Sherry, Manjot is Manna and so on and so forth.

15-We love to flaunt Versace jeans with Punjabi jutti. We are grounded people, you see! The jutti is also used as a disciplinary method by the elders and has worked effectively, every time.

16-A single phrase can be used to convey a number of emotions...'O teri!'

17-Our car graffiti says it all...
'Jassi aa gya' on the front...'Jassi chala gya' at the back .
'Papa ji da gift.'
'Satinder te Joginder di gaddi'
'Jatt risky,after whiskey'

18-We love posing with our friend's /his friend's / his friend's uncle's/ his friend's uncle's son-in-law's air pistol, and then posting it on FB.
'Tere agge nahi chalni...mode tangi dunali!'

19-We love buying 4x4 gaddiyan and then go asking friends for permission to drive them in their fields...off-roading, you see!

20-Fear is n emotion seldom experienced and that is the reason why so many of us join the forces to defend the nation. Bravery is a legacy we pass down the generations.

So, this is who we are....Loud,fun-loving,show-off foodies, who have big hearts and strong wills!
You can love us, hate us, admire us, stare at us....but you cannot for sure, ignore us!!!

Author's note: This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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