Every morning is the start of the rest of our lives. It is a time to thank God for yet another day and look ahead with a new hope. Morning makes your day. How you start the day determines how the rest of it shall go. A happy morning brings in a happy day and so, you must try to make the best of your mornings. Turn them from good to gold mornings:
- Let go of the disappointment of yesterday. Think of what you can do today. 

-Think good thoughts and smile. Morning positivity lasts through the day.
-Do not wake up and grab your cell phone to check watsapp and messages. They can wait. Just get up and breathe in the essence of a fresh day.
-Do not read the newspaper as soon as you get up as well. Of course you must read it, but it doesn't have to be the first thing to do. It may stress your mind more than enrich it.
-Delve in something you love to do-go for a walk, play with your pet, talk to your spouse or just spend a little time alone in reflecting. Just indulge yourself in something that energises your mind.
-Never ever skip breakfast, No wars can be won over an empty stomach, how do you expect to deal with the day?
-Start for work in time. If you are pressed for time and are trying to rush up things, you will end up starting the day with stress on your mind.

My typical morning starts with a kiss to my still asleep munchkin followed by fervent typing on the laptop. Productivity can be really high in the morning when the mind is fresh and ideas flow in on their own. Then I make a quick trip to freshen up and brush my teeth before waking up my kiddo. (The Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush helps me do that quickly and efficiently.Try it out for #Colgate360GoldMornings)
Then starts the usual day of juggling my work, home, daughter and writing.
But when my mornings are full of joy, the troubles of the day do not bog me down.
And at night, when I lay down to sleep, I await the next morning with the hope that it shall be a brighter one tomorrow!