Who doesn't love cartoons? We have all loved watching Tom & Jerry and laughed at their love-hate relationship. Somewhere, while sympathizing for Jerry, we fell in love with a creature we normally would cringe our noses at- a mouse! Yes, that is the power of cartoons. They convert even the vicious, scary or creepy crawly things into cute and adorable characters.
I think that subconsciously it does tend to remove the associated phobias as children are exposed to these creatures in their hilarious avatars. Cartoons have a deep impact on children's minds and this one sounds like a good one.

1. Cats are not cunning; they are funny and foolish like the ever-plotting and ever-failing Tom or the cute and plump Garfield who can think of nothing but food and sleep.

2. Lions are scary and rightfully so. But who can help fall in love with Alex the lion from Madagascar, who is best friends with Marty the giraffe? Or the lovable Simba of Lion King, who moves you to tears.

3. Cartoons also change the perception of skunks from Odorable to adorable with the Pepe Le Pew, the French skunk in Looney Tunes, who is forever in pursuit of his true love.

4. Mice do remain a favourite and many occupy the cartoon world, besides Jerry and Mickey. Ratatouille, the little rat chef who cooks, looks lovely instead of repulsive in his little chef hat.
The tiny rat, Despereaux, does look mighty when he talks of bravery in The Tale of Despereaux.
How can we forget Stuart Little, the little mouse brother of a boy? Or the zip-fast Speedy Gonzales and his Mexican accent?
All these cartoons actually made my daughter ask for a pet mouse.

5. Even the fearsome giants of the ocean-sharks look attractive in the movie Shark Tales. A vegetarian shark..hmm..interesting,no?

6. The yellow and black insect that we shoo and swat transforms into a smart college guy as Barry B. Benson in Bee Movie and tells us how hardworking these tiny creatures are.

7. The Donkey in Shrek is my favourite character in the movie. Before watching the movie, I could have never thought of a donkey as charming, but this one in the movie is a darling. You can't help but smile when he comes on screen.

8. Bugs are no.1 on the hate list for many. Some psychological basis behind that, I am told. I would suggest watching A Bug's Life as a cure. All the bugs look super-cute. Make it a point to show the movie to your child if she's afraid of bugs. I showed it to mine and that removed her repulsion for the lady bird and ants at least. The rest we are still working on....

9.  Wolves can never you make say 'Wow!' unless you are watching them in the movie 'Alpha & Omega' .

10. Not only animals, cartoons also make other scary stuff look cool and funny, like:
- the ghost in Casper.
- imaginery monsters, in Monsters University.
- vampires in Hotel Transylvania.
- dinosaurs in The Good Dinosaur.
- ogres in Shrek.
- witches in Sabrina.

Well, that is the magical impact of cartoons! They show the silver lining in every cloud. Do watch them with your child...or just watch them on your own. We all need to see the good in everything.

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