Friendship is an amazing relationship. You are not tied together by blood but by secrets of each other and a mutual interest in silly things;yet, the tie is terribly strong. Friends are the family you choose for yourself and spend so much of your waking hours with. Friendship surpasses all relations when you are in need and is always by your side but true friendship also knows to move and take just a step back when you need space.
Friendship is truly a fantastic(o)  reationship!!!
I am lucky to have been blessed with amazing friends and quite a considerable number of them. Let me tell you, they are all unique in their own way. All different, yet equally important. This post is dedicated to all the good, weird, crazy, yet utterly lovable friends I have.

The 10 fantastic types of friends we all have:

Type1- The Inseparable
Je mainu yaar na mile, te mar jaavan!
No, I am not singing the romantic number of the movie Kick. I am referring to the type of friend who calls/meets you every day without fail and on the day you cannot, makes you feel guilty as Hell. This is the literally inseparable one and is always by your side, you need him/her or not! This type also gets greatly jealous of your love-interest and deliberately ignores your gestures of 'getting out' when you need some couple time.
The upside is that such a friend will never let you feel lonely.

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Type2- The insomniac
This is the friend who will never call you during the day but the moment you fall asleep, shall ring you and ask,''So gya kya?'' and irrespective of what your answer is, will talk to you for hours and delve details of his/her latest breakup or crush or just anything at all. The next morning, you will be all groggy eyed and he/she will comment,'Oh my God! What happened to you?'


Type3- The sentimental one
There is always one in the group. The one who sniffles into a handkerchief whenever a hero dies onscreen or the hero's dog falls ill. This one will get all emotional when you gift something (and hug you till you suffocate) or when you forget to gift anything( be prepared for the silent, teary treatment). Handing out a tissue or lending your shoulder becomes an automated response. But these are also the very true ones who actually feel for you...and may be the whole world too.


Type 4- Mr.Wise guy
The intelligent and worldly wise one...while you mess up and get into fixes innumerable times, this one seems to not only steer clear of them all but also keeps on advising you and giving you reality checks. If you listen, you will forever be reminded,'I saved you from that trouble.'
If you don't, you will be haunted for life after you fail ,'I told you so!' But then, that's the one who gets you out of the shit too.
You keep waiting for one mistake from his/her end to reciprocate, but never get the chance.

Type 5- The Party animal
This is the uber-cool one who is ever ready to take you out for drinks/dance, for joy or for sorrow.
-Breakup? Forget him/her. You deserve better. Let's go grab a drink. You look like you could use one.
-Promotion? Saale, chal party de, abhi!
These kinds live life king-size and make you see the lighter side of everything.

Type 6- The twin
This one looks quite like you and has more than one habit too many that is similar to yours. A lot of people point out the eerie similarity. You refuse to agree publicly but can't refute it to yourself.
You both probably had your first crush on the same person too.


Type 7- The Tube-light
This is the friend who never seems to get you the first time. Whether you are opening out your heart to him/her or telling a really funny joke, all you get is,''What?'' You do get a genuine reaction the second time around, if you have the patience to repeat.
You might just say,'Forget it!' and get on with what you are doing and can expect a call after a couple of hours from this one to express concern or laugh at your joke.


Type 8- The chuddy-buddy
This is the closest one. You guys probably grew up together or have been friends for a really long time and therefore have seen each other through the awkward adolescence and embarrassing high school. You have slept over at each other's place, seen each other through thrashings and heartaches. You love to irritate each other but can do anything for each other too.

Type 9- The Oh-So-Perfect
This is your good friend with one problem-perfection! In school, this is the one who gets good marks, excels in sports, is always clean and always the centre of conversation around your house.
'Why can't you be like xyz? You are friends and yet are poles apart!'
'Look at your grades and his/her!'
'Can't you learn anything from your friend?'
You love your friend dearly but you are more unhappy with his good results than your bad ones.

Type 10- The decision-breakers
This is not about one, but three kinds of friends.
One of them is the kind who is always going to agree with whatever you say, however irrational it might sound to you too.
The other is the opposite who never agrees and reminds you again and again of what all can go wrong with your decision.
The third is the kind you can't get any reaction out of. This one will act as if he/she is pre-occupied and be oblivious to your presence or the sound of your voice.
It is difficult to decide anything based on these kinds, so go to Type 4.
Imagine what it would look like if you asked all three of these together:


Whatever the kind, all these friends are important. It would be a dull world if we did not have all of these fantastic friends!
Har ek friend kameena  zaroori hota hai!
For my friends, go on and try to guess which category you fall in, though I shall not confess the truth. For the rest of you, let me know if you agree that you also have these friends!

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