I love to travel and you have often heard me say that. True to the spirit, I got my passport made a decade and a half ago, banking high on the travel bug in me to take me places. The passport expired and I had it renewed last year, yet the pages of the passport lie empty. The white leaflets stare at me and question the reason of their existence and I just nod my head and say, 'One day!'
You would think financial constraints pull me back, well, they don't. I am not a millionaire but managing okay. I do have this side sorted out. I would like to think I don't have the time....but even that is not the case actually. I might be juggling a dysfunctional career, an ever-moving home and weird relations but I can easily take out the time for a journey abroad. You snort and say,'Then go, what are you waiting for?'
All I can say is,'I want to but it just doesn't seem to happen.'
Strangely, I got my passport made in 'tatkal' as I was invited to a literary event in USA at the age of 18 years and was obviously super-excited about it. As luck would have it, the date clashed with my MBBS first year exams. The choice was obvious.
Thereafter, the next half decade was consumed by studies and harrowing exams. Somehow, I survived them and managed to become a doctor. Phew!
It struck me one day that the education system in our country is extremely flawed and I must move to another nation where my talent would be recognised. The royal British country sounded like a fair choice and I set my eyes at clearing PLAB. It wasn't long before I picked up the book that UK government realised that there were too many Asians in the country and did away with the test and my aspirations.
Then came my Mr.Prince Charming and we got married. He being an equally enthusiastic traveler, I was sure we were going places. His brother resides in London, we were bound to visit. Maybe, I thought, I was destined not to travel alone! I did miss out on one thing though- my husband is in the Army and to move out of the country, he needs permission from relevant authorities. Our program, my leave, his leave and his permission, have failed to coincide, despite our desperate attempts over the past decade. My brother-in-law probably feels we don't want to visit him and it is actually difficult to explain to anyone the rationale behind our not going abroad but I tell you, there is a sinister ploy of destiny that prevents me from getting a stamp on my passport. At the risk of sounding delusional, I blame fate for the journey not undertaken.
My husband often sits with his friends and makes plans of going to Thailand sans me and then rejoices in the thought of it while I smile and let him-I know it is not happening.
I love to browse and look for deals. My husband and I continue planning our trip every year. This year, we had planned one for June...considering it is March end already and we are nowhere near the execution of the plan, I think it is going to remain a plan alone. Maybe next year!
So, pray with me to break the jinx and I shall let you know the moment I touch foreign land..and by that I hope it doesn't mean stretching my leg at the Wagah border!

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