Nine years have gone by and it still feels like yesterday
When the two of us walked the marriage way.
Yet today, if I may
I want to ask you to wow me again and I will tell you how
Just hear me out and say yes,come on, take this vow!

 When I am running around in the morning, fixing breakfast
Prancing a mad dance, between kitchen and kiddo's room
Before you shout out for your missing sock, pray wait!
Just hold me tight and tell me everything's alright.
I know not how, but can you take this vow?

 When my work-life gets taxing and I feel low
And managing both fronts seems like a battle lost
Before you lend me a shoulder to cry on, pray wait!
Revive the will gone dead, support and push me ahead.
I know not how, but can you take the vow?

 Sometimes I may lose my cool, I do have imperfections
I may not feel like dressing up or cooking nice dinners.
Before you sigh and dismiss it as a mood swing, pray wait!
Just light a candle, order take-away, put on music and make me sway
I know not how, but can you take the vow?

 When a worry creases your forehead, you keep it within
I feel helpless, you don't tell me but it kind of shows
Before you put on a smile and say all is good, pray wait!
Let your troubles be known, don't fight alone.
I know not how, but can you take the vow?

 When something hurts and I feel awful, you do care
You often tell me to go slow and take a breather, I don't
Before you get irritated and tell me that I do not take care, pray wait!
Bring me a book to read or snuggle up with me,you are the comforter I need.
I know not how, but can you take the vow?

 When your duty keeps you away, I understand, it is okay
My calls and concerns may feel overbearing at times, I know
Before you shrug it off as a silly wife's banter, pray wait!
Just let me know you are alright, then the whole world I can fight.
I know not how, but can you take the vow?

 Time made us grow, and busier we grew as well.
Life kept on flowing while responsibilities bore us down
Before we take it in our stride as nature's rule, pray let's wait!
Let us both remind and revive our promises and keep our love alive.
I am doing it now, can you too take the vow?

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