Memories are moments of the life we have spent and the best of memories are of the moments spent with our loved ones.
Memories make those moments eternal and we can close our eyes and relive them again and again.
For some, the best ones are of the times spent with friends in crazy,carefree fun; for others, it may be the time of their childhood. For me, the best ones are of motherhood, of the unique journey that I embarked on with my daughter and still continue to do so. Every moment has been special, whether spent in tears, in joy, in craziness or in deep thought.
It has been seven years since she entered my life and changed it for ever. It feels like she is growing up too fast and I want to gather up and hold on to all the memories lest I forget even the tiniest details. 
Let me share a few very special ones:

- The late-night(er)
For six months, she had me begging the stars and the Lord Almighty to let me know a way to soothe her to sleep at night but neither the Heavens nor she relented. When I was on the verge of losing it and was walking around a zombie after endless nights without sleep, she suddenly had mercy on me and slept through the night. After that, she never once got up in the middle of the night and I became a source of envy to other mommy friends whose one and two year olds were still waking up at least once.

- The first day at school
When my daughter was two years and a half, I decided to enroll her in a playway. I am a working mother, you see. She seemed quite excited at the prospect of going to 'shkool' and meeting friends but I was nervous as Hell, afraid that she might start crying when I leave her there. Much to my amazement, she walked up to the teacher and took her hand, waving me bye bye with the other. She went inside smiling and I found myself in tears.

- The first performance
When she was in kindergarten, I saw her perform on the stage for the first time and it was magical. Watching her perform with confidence filled me with pride. She was growing up.

- The little mermaid
My baby has always loved water. So it was only logical that I took her for swimming lessons when she was four. She did not fear the water at all and just jumped in. The coach had a hard time trying to convince her to stay at the shallow end. I am glad she pursues her hobbies with zeal.

- My best friend
My little darling is turning seven next month. She is quite young but understands a lot. Her mind now observes more, questions more and reasons more. She calls me her best friend and confides her little secrets with me. Somehow, I believe she is my best friend too for we enjoy the best of times together, shop together, read together and even fight and make up. 

The journey continues and when I came across this wonderful idea by HDFC to create a scrapbook of my special memories, I did just that for my princess. Have a look:

 “Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life.”

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